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Surface and Panel Magazine has teamed up with architect John Vetter and interior designer Amy Caman to create a new expression of what is possible in residential construction. They are uniting the industries finest materials and technology in new applications to demonstrate what is being called a residential research lab . The house, which is currently under construction in Milwaukee, Wisconsin features products from a global list of industry leaders, including Roseburg.

The decision to carry Roseburg engineered wood came in late 2013 as the Diamond Hill team looked for new ways to improve its programs for their customers, particularly in regard to engineered wood. “We had a list of requirements two pages long,” said Director of Engineered Wood, Terry Blanton, “and Roseburg met them all.” One of those factors, according to Blanton, was the quality of the products. “[Roseburg’s] products really stood out in terms of quality, as well as the available documentation to support it,” said Blanton. Roseburg’s product design and manufacturing method both result in a documentable strength that meets or exceeds the toughest industry requirements. Additionally, Blanton mentioned that “the ongoing relationship with Roseburg” was also a considerable benefit to the decision.1

Diamond Hill owners, John and Jim Ramsey, noticed that the switch to Roseburg was well-received by their customers, who instantly recognized the quality. “Not only did our existing customers convert,” said John, “but we picked up new accounts and we have actually gained market share.” The Diamond Hill team attributes this not just to the product, but also to the overall support of the Roseburg team. “They are in our market every day, and help us address our specific market requirements,” mentioned Blanton, “with a high availability of products, great logistics, and a very responsive field rep.”

Roseburg is pleased with the growth they have seen with Diamond Hill. “We have a great deal of respect for Diamond Hill,” said McCollum, Roseburg’s National Sales Manager for engineered wood, “and we couldn’t be more pleased to see their growth and success with EWP.” The strength of Roseburg’s reputation for Engineered Wood Products has continued to grow since they entered the market in 2001. “Some still see us as newcomers,” said Mike “but we have been making EWP for over 13 years now and have one of the largest, most advanced EWP manufacturing facilities in North America.” The state-of-the-art plant, located in Riddle, Oregon, has equipped Roseburg with the capacity to produce high volumes and become one of the most competitive EWP producers in North America.

Diamond Hill anticipates continued growth and sees a great deal of opportunity present in their region as more and more contractors recognize the benefits of engineered wood. Its overall ease of use, with lighter weight and higher strengths contribute to a more predictable product than dimension lumber and its specification by architects and engineers continues to climb. “We feel there are many years of opportunity down here,” says Ronnie Calcutt, “and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Roseburg."


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