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ArreisArreis® Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF)* is the most affordable sustainable Medium Density Fiberboard offered by Roseburg. Developed specifically, using a patent-pending manufacturing process, to drive down the cost of environmental stewardship and simultaneously deliver the high performance MDF you expect. Manufacturers, designers and specifiers now have a new affordable MDF supporting environmental design:

  • No added formaldehyde resin system
  • Physical properties similar to, or better than standard MDF
  • Pre-consumer recycled wood content
  • FSC® Mix Credit Certified - available option
  • Potential LEED® 2009 credit support: MRc4, 5, 7 & IEQc4.4
  • Potential LEED® v4 credit support: Materials & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Meets EPA Formaldehyde Emission Regulation, TSCA Title VI & CARB ATCM 93120 Phase 2 emission limits
  • No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) Exempt - State of California Executive Order N-18-313
  • Third party certification - SCS & ECC
  • CHPS compliant - California section 01350 approved

*Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF) products include a broad range of high quality MDF products manufactured by Roseburg to meet or exceed the most stringent global emission standards. Applications for SDF include cabinetry, furniture, mouldings and millwork.


Roseburg Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is available throughout North America at some of the largest and most respected wholesale distributors, retail building material dealers and home centers. We encourage you to contact one today to get more information.


Arreis®, a sustainable medium density fiberboard (MDF) panel manufactured from pre-consumer recycled wood fiber, meets the most stringent formaldehyde emission standards in the world. Roseburg's manufacturing process utilizes a synthetic resin system to produce Arreis®, the ideal sustainable design fiberboard (SDF) for commercial interior applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Awarded CARB NAF Exemption due to synthetic resin system
  • Performance characteristics equal to standard MDF
  • Most affordable NAF product line
  • Meets physical properties of ANSI A208.2-2009 Grade 130
  • ANSI MR10 moisture resistant properties on 5/8” and thicker
  • FSC® certified panels available upon request

Mill Capabilities

  • Panels available in 4’ and 5’ widths and lengths up to 18’
  • Thicknesses ranging from 1/4” - 1-1/2”
  • Minimum order may be required for some sizes and thicknesses

Handling & Installation

  • Store indoors on a flat, level surface away from products containing urea-formaldehyde.Provide adequate support to prevent sagging
  • Refer to Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) for fabrication and installation procedures
  • For best results, Arreis® should be conditioned to the environment 48-72 hours prior to installation

How to Specify

Industrial Grade Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), manufactured with a synthetic resin system and which meets the physical properties of ANSI A208.2-2009 Grade 130 specifications.

Finished Product Options

  • Decorative Surfaces
  • Hardwood Veneer
  • Pre-primed, profiled, lineal mouldings


Ask your Roseburg MDF sales representative for more information.

Sustainable AttributeSupporting DocumentationQualifying StatementApplicable Green Building
Standard or Credit

Certified Wood

SCS -CoC Certificate

When specified FSC® certified and purchased from a Chain of Custody certified supplier

LEED v3 (2009) - MRc7 - Certified Wood

LEED v4 - Building product disclosure and optimization - Sourcing of raw materials

Recycled Content

SCS Recycled Content Certificate

SCS Recycled Content Certificate for Medite FR and Arreis FR only

All Roseburg MDF products are third-party certified for pre-consumer recycled content.

LEED v3 (2009) - MRc4 Recycled Content

LEED v4 - Building product disclosure and optimization - Sourcing of raw materials

Low-emitting Material

SCS NAF Certificate

Arreis, Medite II, Medex, Medite FR and PermaCore are no-added formaldehyde (NAF)

LEED v3 (2009) - EQc4.4

LEED v4 - Low emitting materials

CARB Compliance

TPC-1 ECC Third-party certification

CARB NAF Exemption - California Executive Order

Arreis, Medite II, Medex, Medite FR, PermaCore and FibrLite Free have a CARB NAF Exemption


Regional Materials

Harvest and Manufacturing region - company letter

Qualifies when project is within 500 miles (LEED v3) or 100 miles (LEED v4) of Roseburg region identified on map

LEED v3 (2009) - MRc5 Regional Materials

LEED v4 - Building product disclosure and optimization

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Roseburg verification document.

Industry-wide MDF EPD

MDF EPD Transparency Brief

Valued as 1/2 of a product. Use Verification document to demonstrate that Roseburg product qualifies for this credit.

LEED v4 - Building product disclosure and optimization - environmental product declaration


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