Roseburg RigidFrameRoseburg RigidFrame plywood is a custom-designed plywood panel engineered specifically for upholstered furniture manufacturers to build tough, durable wood frames. Today’s consumer is looking for upholstered furniture with quality, affordability and longer-life. Roseburg RigidFrame helps upholstered furniture manufacturers deliver these qualities and much more.

Producing a quality wood furniture frame with strength and durability requires a sturdy industrial plywood panel. Roseburg uses western softwood veneers, which are stronger than poplar/gum and southern pine to produce RigidFrame. The inner-core veneers are cross-band layered and laminated and have fewer core voids, providing excellent screw-holding ability. RigidFrame plywood adds instant value and durability, two of the most important features consumers for looking for in quality, upholstered furniture.

Common Uses

  • Lamination: Laminating substrate and core stock.
  • Home or Office: Framework for upholstered furniture, commercial & residential furniture, cabinets and displays, residential cabinets, countertops and shelving, racks and mezzanine floors. 
  • Transportation: Truck, bus, railroad, recreational vehicles, boat and ships.

Additional Product Features

  • Green: Modern manufacturing maximizes product efficiency with less harmful emissions than other products. Optional FSC® certified panel is available.
  • Lower formaldehyde emissions: Exempt from U.S. HUD and California formaldehyde regulations due to very low emission rates.
  • Reliability: Manufactured under the most stringent, state-of-the-art quality assurance programs in North America.
  • Affordability: While the costs of industrial materials (plastic, steel, aluminum, etc.) continue to rise, Rigidframe continues to provide consistent value.
  • Strength and stiffness: Effectively resist both uniform and point loads.
  • Dimensional stability and flatness: Relatively consistent in size in most environments, even during temperature changes.
  • Workability: Can be easily cut into almost any needed shape or size with commonly available tools. 
  • Relative lightness in weight: Ratio of structural performance to weight easily beats other products.
  • Unique features: Low thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity.
  • Customized: Custom-designed panels that are engineered to meet specialized demands.


Although Roseburg RigidFrame is an APA rated plywood panel, we encourage manufacturers to perform their own individual trials to determine if RigidFrame will meet their requirements. Roseburg can also build a custom RigidFrame panel to meet a specific need.

Note: When cutting RigidFrame into narrow strips, the structural integrity may be lessened. For technical assistance on fabricating issues, please contact your Roseburg customer service representative.



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