Overview Specifications

Roseburg SuperPlyRoseburg SuperPly is an industrial use sanded plywood panel. Its smooth, patch-free sanded face is ideal for painting and finishing. The fine-grain pattern minimizes checking and splitting. A cross-band of veneer innerplies provides excellent strength and stiffness for a wide range of uses. 

Roseburg SuperPly plywood delivers increased value, greater durability and long-term performance. Choose a stock manufactured panel or customize a panel to exact specifications for your specific application. No matter which method you choose, rest assured Roseburg’s SuperPly plywood will consistently get the job done right.

SuperPly is an exterior, sanded plywood panel. The faces are specially selected veneers which are light in color and have little distinction between sapwood, heartwood and growth rings, resulting in a smooth, uniform appearance. Minor splits, indents, and wormholes are putty filled.


  • Transportation industry
  • Shelving
  • Displays
  • Home projects
  • Marine industry
  • General use
  • Containers
  • Construction industry
  • Furniture
  • Overlay applications

Key Advantages

  • No wood patches
  • Ultra-smooth sanded faces
  • Tight-grained faces inhibit checking
  • Fewer and smaller internal voids

The result: a superior sanded plywood panel.

Machining and Fastening

Roseburg SuperPly can be sawed, routed, shaped, and drilled. Always use sharp, high-speed tools. Because of the cross-layer construction, nails, screws, and other fasteners may be placed near the panel edge without splitting the panel. SuperPly should be securely fastened with 6d nails on 1/4", 11/32", 15/32" panels and with 8d nails on 19/32", 23/32" and 31/32" panels. Space nails 6" o.c. around all panel edges and 12" o.c. on intermediate supports. For soffit applications, all panel edges should be supported. Nails should penetrate at least one inch into the substrate material. Leave 1/8" gap between panel edges. Spiral or ring shank nails offer the best holding power. Screws and bolts can also be used.

  • Roseburg SuperPlyLengths: 8’, 10'
  • Widths: 4’,
  • Thickness: 1/4", 11/32", 15/32”, 19/32”, 23/32”, 31/32"
  • Grade: AA, AB, AC
  • Face: Imported hardwoods
  • Core Substrate: C-Grade Western softwoods innerplies
  • Back: Western softwoods or imported hardwoods
  • Adhesive: NAUF exterior, water resistant phenolic glue

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