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Roseburg offers software tools that can aid you in generating accurate, professional layout drawings and member
calculations. These software tools include the Component Solutions™ (CS) software suite developed by Simpson Strong-Tie® and the SmartFramer™ layout software developed by Roseburg.

As a supplier of connectors for engineered-wood products, Simpson Strong-Tie has been involved in the structural building industry for decades. This experience has provided invaluable insights into the needs of designers and suppliers, resulting in the latest addition to the Simpson Strong-Tie product line for light-frame construction. Choose the CS EWP Lite Edition or the CS EWP Edition for your EWP design needs.


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The CS EWP Lite Edition includes CS Beam, CS Column and CS Update. In the Roseburg branded version of the CS EWP Lite Edition the software is called Roseburg Beam, Roseburg Column and Roseburg Update. Roseburg Beam is a powerful, yet easy to use single member sizing program that enables you to size RFP engineered wood products for almost any structural condition. You provide a description of the spans, supports and loads of a specific sizing problem and Roseburg Beam will present you with a list of multiple product solutions. After selecting a product you can print out a professional and easy to read calc sheet. You can also use Roseburg BCS Beam print Outeam to determine if a particular I-Joist or LVL beam works for a specific application. Occasionally running the Roseburg Update function assures that you are using the most up-to-date version of the software.

The program designs RFPI®-Joists at their optimum on-center spacing and RigidLam®LVL beams at their optimum depth. Rectangular or circular holes can be analyzed for RFPI-Joists and circular holes can be analyzed for RigidLam LVL and the program can determine the maximum size hole for a given location. Cantilever reinforcement is automatically specified when required for RFPI-Joists used in load bearing cantilever applications.

Roseburg Column is a single member sizing software for use with columns and wall studs. RigidLam LVL columns and studs can be sized using any combination of axial and lateral loading and a variety of default and custom bracing conditions for individual stud and column members.

Roseburg will provide this powerful program to you at no cost.

    To Download the Lite Edition, click here: 


RFP CSB drawingAlso available is the CS EWP Edition, the complete automation system for Roseburg engineered wood products. The CS EWP Edition includes all of the components of the CS EWP Lite Edition as well as CS Build, CS Plot and CS Manage (unlike the CS EWP Lite Edition, the various modules in the CS EWP Edition are not branded with the Roseburg name). With this remarkable tool, the operator describes the framing geometry and the software does the rest. In fact, the program will automatically:

  • Develop loads throughout the structure
  • Size all framing members for Roseburg engineered wood products
  • Specify hangers
  • Generate placement plans
  • Generate material cut lists and hanger schedules

Simpson Strong-Tie provides all training and software support necessary to successfully learn and implement these software programs. You can obtain more information about Component Solutions™ at: or by contacting Simpson Strong-Tie at 1-866-252-8606.

SmartFramer Drawing


SmartFramer software is a proprietary, user-friendly drafting tool that allows you to quickly draw joists, beams, rimboard and hangers for residential or light commercial applications on your computer and print the results with a professional looking color-coded plot. The software program also gives you the opportunity to automatically generate a material list and a bid sheet if desired. SmartFramer is a simple to use layout tool, but does not check the structural adequacy of the framing members. The SmartFramer software is an “add-on” module that runs on the SmartSketch™ drawing program developed by Intergraph Corporation. The SmartSketch software is a well-established drafting program that you can purchase directly from the Intergraph Corporation. Roseburg will provide the SmartFramer module at no cost to you.

Contact your EWP sales representative for module access.

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