Roseburg's nadine orozco: representing the next generation of strong leaders and great products

Nadine at work“This is what it’s supposed to look like,” Nadine holds out a perfect sample piece of a Duramine® panel, which reveals an even gloss across the surface. She places the sample back underneath what she calls the ‘light booth’ and starts pressing buttons. “This machine allows me to see it under several different kinds of light to determine if there are any color issues.” In her office, which looks more like a laboratory, the walls are hung with samples of every style, color and texture of 'value added product' that Roseburg makes. The counters hold her tools, which are a variety of high-tech machines. “This machine tests for color, this one for durability,” she says as she points at each. With a controlled sort of enjoyment, she continues, “A perfect Duramine cure will read between .05 and .20 on the spectrophotometer, so if it reads outside of that, then I will stop and take it to our operators to make the necessary adjustment.”

Meet Roseburg's Value Added Technical Director, Nadine Orozco. She is not your typical 25-year-old. Her intimate knowledge of the science and engineering of wood extends far beyond her years. She is highly-tuned and detail-oriented, with a meticulous love for what she does. After learning her story, it becomes clear why Roseburg chose to hire her in 2011. Her talent in college earned her a full scholarship toward her master’s degree at the Oregon State University College of Forestry for Wood Science and Engineering, which is one of the largest, most diverse renewable materials programs in North America. She stood out, took risks, bet big, and now it's paying off. After completing the master’s program she joined the Roseburg family with a long-term vision to learn the ins and outs of the company while using her education and talent to help Roseburg continue to push the envelope of quality.

Nadine in Shop

Nadine first started with Roseburg in the sales department where she spent a year developing relationships with customers and learning what they love most about the products. “It gave me a good understanding of how the business works and what product qualities are most important to ourcustomers.” But since becoming the Value Added Technical Director, Nadine spends most of her time dealing with the intricate science behind creating these products.

Her days are filled with watching the value-added manufacturing lines, testing samples in her laboratory office, or troubleshooting with the operators. ‘Value added’ products are those which have some sort of coating--laminate, paint, or other finish--that is applied to a Roseburg substrate like particleboard or plywood. These products include Duramine®, Ultrafinish® Panels, shelving, and top coated Plywood. Each production line has a different set of variables that Nadine and her crew monitor closely. There are five manufacturing lines and a total of 40 people that are part of the value added crew. "I love my job because there is always a new challenge and I constantly have something to do or learn,” she said as she began our tour of the manufacturing facility.

It is clear that Nadine has made it a priority to learn every detail she can about the manufacturing process of value added products. As we walked through the facilities, she points out each station, describing the purpose of each step of the process. “Our process is unique in the industry for a number of reasons,” she says. “The first being that we use our own particleboard and plywood from our mills next door.” She pointed to a tower of board next to the line awaiting its value added treatment. While most producers purchase their substrates from other, often distant manufacturers, Roseburg produces its own substrates on site, allowing for a much quicker turnaround process. “This gives us an advantage because we can produce a wide range of products on demand.”

As we continued, she led us to an elevated platform seat perched directly above one of the production lines. It was surrounded by monitor screens and buttons, and at the base of it was another seat. “Our grader sits here and looks for product defects.” She explained that 

Particleboard in warehouse

It’s hard to miss the core values of Roseburg while speaking with Nadine or walking through the facility. Her passion for perfection brings her technical knowledge to life and her drive is reflective of the entire mill and the crews that run it. The facility is immaculate, every tower of board is stacked with near-perfection, and there are large mobile displays near each production line tracking the technical information related to production. Team performance is measured through the quality and delivery of every product, while the safety and morale are carried by each individual as part of a team culture that is driven to win.many companies, in cost cutting efforts, have employed computers to scan for quality, but Roseburg uses computer sensors as well as human eyes to scour for any imperfections in the panels as they pass through the line. This allows people to catch different types of flaws that the computers may not.

Mixed load trucking

As the Technical Director, Nadine considers herself just another part of the crew. “I am not a supervisor, but I work with all the operators to make sure we are producing the highest quality product.” Her education in wood science has certainly equipped her with an extensive knowledge about wood manufacturing, however she constantly refers to the “wealth of experience” that the line operators have. “Some of the people working this line have been here for over 25 years,” she says, “and I am thankful that they are so willing to share their experience and knowledge with me.”

Nadine is just one small piece of a team which spends their energy making sure that every single product that comes off the line is of the highest possible quality. It takes a cooperative and experienced team full of incredible people who take great care in what they do. Roseburg’s long-standing reputation for excellence and integrity has no doubt come from the things that the company does differently. Proprietary forest lands, sustainable practices, and unmatched distribution capabilities are among a few of those things. However, the real reason behind their success comes down to one thing -- the people. Roseburg attracts quality people who drive the highest standards from the ground up.



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