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Use this page to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Roseburg. Questions are organized by category. If you don't see the question you are looking for, use the Contact page to send us a note.

Contacting Roseburg





Contacting Roseburg

Q.  Who is my salesperson?

A. Visit the Contact page for more information.

Q. What phone number should I call for general information about a product?

A. 1.800.245.1115

Q. How does my company become an Authorized Roseburg distributor?

A. The first step is to complete a Credit Application which you can download and submit by clicking on the link.

Q. What is the phone number for the Atlanta Sales office?

A. 1.866.387.2646

Q. I've forgotten the password to my account. How do I reset it?

A. Visit the Forgot Password? page to reset the password.

General Products Information

Q.  Where are Roseburg products manufactured?

A.  All Roseburg products are manufactured right here in the United States. Visit our Facilities page for more information about our manufacturing locations.

Q. How do I order literature and samples?

A. First, register with Roseburg by creating a secure account. Then, visit the Order Samples & Literature page to begin the process. For more information about registering with Roseburg, visit the Why Register? page. Note: Since there is no financial transaction on, you will not be required to provide any credit card information.  Once you have established an account, you can order samples and literature sent to you or directly to a third-party. 

Q. Does Roseburg make softwood plywood for industrial applications?

A.  In fact, Roseburg is one of the largest manufacturers of softwood plywood in North America. Visit the Industrial Plywood page for more information.

Q. How do I find a specific product on

A. Enter the product name in the search bar next to the Contact tab.  This search will take you to all topics related to the product you are searching for. 

Q.  Where can I find information on Green Products?

A. Visit the Green Products page for more information.

Q.  Where can I get Roseburg Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

A.  To locate an SDS, view an individual product page or visit the Library. For a listing of all SDS, visit our SDS page.

Q.  Can I buy direct from Roseburg?

A. That depends on who you are. Roseburg generally sells through distribution partners and does allow for some OEMs to buy direct, but that is very limited. Roseburg has established a network of distribution partners throughout North America. These are some of the largest and most respected wholesale distributors, retailers and pro-yards in the country. There may be distribution opportunities in your region and we are always looking for new distribution partners with the same customer value system as Roseburg. To explore potential opportunities, please call 1.800.245.1115.

Green Products

Q. What is SkyBlend?

A. Skyblend is an Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde (ULEF) particleboard panel. It is available as a core option on Roseburg’s decorative panels or can be purchased raw. Visit the SkyBlend page for more information.

Q.  Is there such a thing as a formaldehyde free particleboard?

A. No, wood by its nature contains a certain level of formaldehyde.

Q.  What do NAF, NAUF, and ULEF mean?

A. NAF stands for No Added Formaldehyde. NAUF stands for No Added Urea Formaldehyde. ULEF stands for Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde. 

Q.  What is LEED?

A. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. Many Roseburg products can earn credits on a LEED-certified project. 

Q.  Can Roseburg fill out my LEED paperwork?

A. No, however we can provide you with certification documents that support your LEED documentation.  

Q.  Is Roseburg Hardwood plywood CARB II compliant?

A.  Yes, in fact it is not only CARB II compliant, it is actually CARB Exempt due to the low emission levels of our panels.

Q.  Where do I find FSC® information and certificates?

A. Visit the Green Products page for more information. This page contains a list of FSC products produced by Roseburg.  The FSC certificate is located in the Library under Categories > Environmental Certifications.   

Q. Can I buy FSC Certified plywood underlayment from Roseburg?

A. Yes, Roseburg produces both standard and FSC certified underlayment.

Q.  What are Engineered Wood Products?

A. Engineered wood products are composite wood products created for high-performance, reliability, and environmental friendliness. Roseburg’s engineered wood products are engineered to the high-quality APA standards and are compatible with standard I-Joist hangers and connectors. Roseburg engineered wood products consist of: RFPI® Joists (LVL and solid-sawn flange) used in floor and roof construction; RigidLam® LVL which is used for headers, beams, studs and columns; and RigidRim® rimboard. All of the components are engineered to the industry’s highest standards to help contractors build solid, durable, and better performing framing systems compared to ordinary dimension lumber.

Q.  Can you size an LVL beam for my application?

A.  Your Roseburg EWP Territory Sales Manager can refer you to the nearest dealer or distributor who can design and determine the appropriate size and grade of LVL for an application. The dealer or distributor can provide LVL materials cut to length for an application.

Q.  Do you offer any engineered wood products for use outdoors?

A.  No, all of our engineered wood products are warranted for dry use only.

Q. Where can I get EWP product specifications?

A. All EWP specifications are contained in the EWP Design Guides. There are 3 listed in the EWP section of the Library: Design Guide for the U.S.A., Design Guide for Canada and Design Guide for Deep Depth I Joist.  

Q. Does Roseburg produce a glulam beam?

A. Roseburg produces RigidLam® Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) often used for headers, beams, and columns.


Q.  Where are Roseburg trees harvested from?

A. Our resources come from forestlands in Oregon and North Carolina and Virginia. Visit our Sustainability page for more information.

Q. Does Roseburg replant after cutting trees?

A. Yes, in fact the law states that we must replant seedlings in the areas where trees are harvested.  Each year we plant over 6 million seedlings.

Q. How much private timberland does Roseburg own?

A. This number goes up and down but it averages around 600,000 acres in Oregon, North Carolina and Virginia.

Q. Does Roseburg use any recycled material to produce it products?

A. Yes, our UltraBlend and SkyBlend particleboard contains 100% Recycled / Recovered Fiber content. Our Composite panel facilities are third party certified to source 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber for the manufacture of particleboard.

Additionally, our facilities in Oregon, Montana, Louisiana and Mississippi process and recycle 1.5 million tons of reclaimed wood waste annually, converting it into panels that sequester carbon.

Q. Does Roseburg use any biomass to produce energy for its facilities?

A. We recycle wood waste materials and forest thinnings into clean, renewable energy through our biomass cogeneration facilities in Dillard, OR and Weed, CA.

Q. What is Roseburg’s FSC - COC number?

A. SCS-COC-000300


Q. When was Roseburg started?

A. Kenneth Ford founded Roseburg in 1936 and served as the company's leader until 1997, when his son Allyn Ford became President and CEO. Upon Allyn's retirement in 2016, Grady Mulbery assumed the role of President and CEO, becoming the first non-family member to lead the company in its 80+ year history.



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