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New Quality Control Program in Dillard, Oregon improves Particleboard

Friday, January 15, 2010

Roseburg Forest Products announced today a new quality control program at its Dillard, Oregon Composite panel plant. The company has made numerous changes at the complex and believes it shows in the products appearance and performance. The changes are detailed below.

A Quality Assurance Team has been formed consisting of the mill’s most senior supervisors. The team recently spent time visiting customers to learn what product attributes are most important in their processes. This information was used to drive their continuous improvement efforts.

UltraBlend particleboard has improved thickness consistency. This enhances the quality of the face for better cutting of fine laminates, and reduced chip out. It also reduces warping because the face layers are sanded to a consistent thickness.

CNC routers and scoring saws were added to our melamine operations quality control procedures. Adding cutting and machining to our standard quality control procedures enables our staff to periodically test the product to ensure the characteristics of our melamine products are congruent with our customer’s needs.

A placard is attached to each shipment from Dillard Composite Specialties. It contains the signature of the Loader and the Shift Supervisor. It is our guarantee the shipment was checked and double checked to meet our stringent standards when it leaves the mill. The placard contains instructions to contact the mill’s shipping department should the load arrive in a condition below customer expectations.

Mike Mai, Composite Specialties Sales Manager states, “At Dillard Composite Specialties we are keenly aware our growth is tied to the success of our customers. The employees of the facility display a sense of pride in the appearance, performance and consistency of their products. Panel to Panel, Unit to Unit, and Shipment to Shipment” is not just a tag line for the employees of Roseburg Forest Product’s Dillard Composite Specialties plant, it is our commitment to satisfying customers”.

For more information, please contact:
Mike Mai, Composite Specialties Sales Manager
Phone: 800-245-1115


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