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Roseburg Harvest Plan Modified to Address Neighbor Concerns

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Roseburg Resources Co. filed a notice of operations with the Oregon Department of Forestry on May 29 for a planned herbicide application on a 64-acre parcel of Roseburg-owned private timberland that the company plans to harvest in the fall. The parcel is located approximately three miles north of Walton, Ore.

Rural residential neighbors located over 1/4 mile from the harvest area have expressed concerns about potential herbicide applications and harvesting of this parcel. Even though ample data demonstrate current practices do not put local watersheds or environment at risk, in an effort to be a good neighbor Roseburg has proactively modified the configuration, timing and reforestation plan in an effort to address neighbor concerns. Roseburg foresters have also met in person with concerned neighbors to share the revised plans and to assure them that all activities will be done in full compliance with the Oregon Forest Practices Act and other applicable laws governing the use of herbicides.

Roseburg has owned the property in question since 1996 when it was purchased from International Paper Company, and it has been sustainably managed for timber production for almost 100 years since it was first logged. With this second harvest, Roseburg will start a new cycle of reforestation and growth with prompt reforestation of the unit with Douglas fir and western red cedar planned for the winter of 2019. DEQ data confirm that of all land uses in the state, the highest water quality comes from forested watershed, including those that are actively managed.

The majority of the harvested timber will be delivered to local mills that provide family-wage manufacturing jobs for Oregonians. The planned operations will provide additional family wage jobs for local contractors, including applicators, timber fallers, loggers and truck drivers.   

Wood from sustainably grown trees is renewable and recyclable, and is the primary element in thousands of products we use every day. Through its commitment to responsible forest management, Roseburg has sustainably harvested and maintained the productivity of its forestland for over 80 years while continuing to supply consumers the wood products they need to better their lives.

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About Roseburg Resources
Roseburg Resources is part of the Roseburg group of companies commonly referred to as Roseburg Forest Products. Founded in 1936, Roseburg Forest Products is a privately owned company and one of North America’s leading producers of particleboard, medium density fiberboard and thermally fused laminates. Roseburg also manufactures softwood and hardwood plywood, lumber, LVL and I-joists. The company owns and sustainably manages more than 600,000 acres of timberland in Oregon, North Carolina and Virginia, as well as an export wood chip terminal facility in Coos Bay, Ore. Roseburg products are shipped throughout North America and the Pacific Rim. To learn more about the company please visit


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