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Roseburg Introduces 2 New MDO Concrete Forming Plywood Panels

Sunday, December 2, 2012 - Download attached file

Roseburg announced today the company has introduced 2 new products in its PourMor branded line of concrete forming plywood

PourMor Triple 3 MDO is a concrete forming plywood, manufactured by Roseburg, is designed for exterior concrete forming applications. The company created the concrete forming plywood using the latest leading technology and high manufacturing standards. PourMor Triple 3 has increased performance and a longer lifecycle than other concrete forming plywood. If properly used and maintained, PourMor Triple 3 MDO will increase the number of pours per panel and reduce the cost per pour.

Roseburg High Performance MDO concrete forming panels are engineered with a 369 high flow phenolic resin impregnated concrete forming medium density overlay (MDO) on one side. The resin system creates a strong, durable bond and a smooth, matte concrete finish that is highly alkaline resistant.

Roseburg High Performance Premium MDO panels feature a hardwood veneer between the plywood core and the MDO, creating an elevated degree of durability and smoothness. Both panels provide matte finished surfaces for concrete that will be coated, painted and exposed.

Roseburg Forest Products, based in Dillard, Ore., is a privately-held manufacturer of engineered wood products, lumber, plywood, particleboard and specialty panels. It owns and manages timberlands in the Western United States, and operates
manufacturing facilities in the Western and Southern regions of the country.


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