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Roseburg to relocate Corporate Headquarters in late 2016

Monday, June 22, 2015

Allyn Ford, President and CEO, of Roseburg Forest Products, announced this afternoon that the company will be relocating their corporate headquarters to Springfield, OR in September 2016.  He explained that several months ago, Roseburg purchased an office building in Springfield and that the Executive Team then spent significant time evaluating how to best maximize the benefit of the office to meet increasing obstacles and future needs.  Mr. Ford outlined a number of considerations in why the decision was made to move the corporate headquarters to Springfield:

  • The increasing challenge attracting and retaining high level technical and professional staff, as many prefer to live in and work in a more urban community;
  • The benefit of being closer to a major airport, with improved accessibility for both staff who travel extensively for Roseburg, as well as for bringing customers into visit.
  • The more frequent access to financial and legal services that assist Roseburg.

Mr. Ford stressed that while this is a complex move, the impact to our employees, their families, and the communities in which they live is very important to Roseburg Forest Products.  It has been, and will continue to be, Roseburg’s intention to thoughtfully consider all of these factors as we continue to evaluate the long term success and sustainability of the company, and how location can best benefit those plans.  Even though the headquarters will move to Springfield, the Dillard office will remain the location for the company’s Western Region Operations and Resource group.

The company is in the process of identifying which administrative departments and functions will most benefit by this relocation and expects to have final plans in place and communicated by this September.  Mr. Ford stressed that it is our intention to thoughtfully plan and execute this move with minimal disruption to our employees and customers. 

Although the targeted date for operating in the Springfield office is September 1st of 2016, the Executive Team felt it important to make this announcement now, to address questions and rumors that have been occurring, to provide initial notice and because the Executive Team is unanimously convinced this is a positive step and investment in the long term future of Roseburg Forest Products.  Roseburg will continue to support the local communities as we have always done.


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