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Roseburg wildlife biologist adds to community efforts

Monday, May 6, 2013

On April 29, Wildlife Biologist Rich Klug spoke to Shasta Valley land owners, biomass opponents and Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District (RCD) employees at a workshop on local biomass projects for private forestland owners. The workshop was sponsored by The Rainbow Ridge Forest Stewardship Project and the Siskiyou Land Trust.

The presentation reviewed what biomass is, what we do with it and why it is a favorable alternative for energy. Rich referenced the co-generation plant and how it helps us with slash removal. The softwood veneer plant burns wood waste generated from timber harvests for energy, which is then used to fuel the plant’s operations and dry wood veneer. Excess energy is used for the city’s electrical grid.

The Shasta Valley RCD is a special district serving Siskiyou County, Calif..  Its mission is “To work with interested landowners on a voluntary basis to enhance the management and sustainable use of natural resources in order to ensure the long-term economic viability of the community.” They believe that by working together with the local landowners they can help the local community in the district meet the environmental and economic challenges they face. The workshops are a way to help facilitate this and gain the involvement of local businesses. Rich is based in our Weed, Calif., facility.

The Rainbow Ridge Stewardship program is the newest initiative of the Shasta Valley RCD. The Shasta Valley RCD has many partners, including the Siskiyou Land Trust and Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). The RCD collaborates with its partners to facilitate short and long term fire safety and forest stewardship activities.  The work shop was one of the activities as the biomass practice helps to cut down on fires.

Larry Alexander, owner of the Siskiyou Biomass innovation group, also spoke on what is being done in Scott Valley.


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