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Taylorsville Composites plant gives back to the community

Monday, April 6, 2015

In 2014, Taylorsville Composites and AbilityWorks developed a working partnership that would result in the donation and relocation of a bolster machine that the Taylorsville Composite facility used infrequently to assemble runners for packaging particleboard finish product.

AbilityWorks is a division of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services. This organization serves young adults with disabilities who are able to care for themselves, and are medically stable. The facility’s goal is to give each individual the skills needed to become employable in the community through job training and career counseling. This partnership aligned with company values specifically established to support and serve the communities in which our facilities are located.

The AbilityWorks site is located in Laurel, Miss., a town about 40 miles from Taylorsville. In order to move the equipment, a local company donated its time and manpower to relocate the line. Once the equipment was moved, a team of Taylorsville employees reset the line in the AbilityWorks facility and have since provided the mechanical and electrical support needed until the unit became operational. The students at AbilityWorks will learn how to use the machinery and produce bolsters, and Taylorsville will purchase a routine supply of bolsters from the AbilityWorks facility.  

The following employees not only volunteered to help get the line up and running, but also spent many weekend hours on the project: Bobby Kennedy, Keith Ballard; Stephen Gordon, Gerald Brown and Jimmy Eddy were just a few of the team that were involved in the project.

Taylorsville Composites is very proud to be a part of this endeavor and the opportunity to give back to our community. 


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