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Update: Roseburg’s COVID-19 Response

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Roseburg values the safety of our team members and partners above all other considerations. With concern around Coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to grow, Roseburg has implemented the following steps to protect our employees, our clients and the public, effective immediately.

All international travel is banned, and any domestic travel requires executive approval. All team members who are able to work from home are required to do so from today onward. Clients and other partners can continue to work with Roseburg representatives by email and telephone.

Effective immediately all social and business visits to Roseburg facilities, offices and other sites are halted, with the exception of contracted services provided by service providers and deliveries of goods, materials, mail, etc. This includes visits from Roseburg team members who work at different locations.

We continue to operate manufacturing facilities and have response protocols in place should a team member be suspected of or confirmed as having the virus at any of our locations. Increased, strategic cleaning at all Roseburg sites continues regularly, and our procurement and logistics teams continue to assess and monitor for any threats to our supply chain that may impact our clients. Roseburg appreciates your understanding and cooperation during this uncertain time.

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