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RigidCoat Water-Repellent Underlayment

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The one thing you can’t control on the jobsite is the weather. What you can control is how the products you use are affected by the weather during construction.

Introducing Roseburg RigidCoat® Plywood Underlayment

RigidCoat UnderlaymentUpon inspecting the panel, the first thing you will notice is there is a water-repellent coating over the top surface to all four edges of the panel. The water-repellent coating will protect the sub-floor material from the weather elements until the exterior walls and roof are installed.

RigidCoat® is produced with a tough water-repellent coating on the surface. Thin layers of wood called veneers are glued together to form one multi-layered sub-floor panel. RigidCoat delivers outstanding stiffness, strength and versatility.

Key Advantages

  • APA — The Engineered Wood Association
  • PS 1
  • Water-repellent coating over entire top of the panel and the T&G edges.
  • Produced from Douglas fir and western species for strength and dimensional stability. It is also resistant to splitting, puncturing and impact damage.
  • Blocks up to 40% moisture absorption during the construction phase of the home.
  • Sealed tongue & groove and edges.
  • Lengths: 8’
  • Widths: Scant face 47-1/2” or Full Face 48”
  • Thicknesses: 23/32" or 1-1/8"
  • Grades: APA – PS 1 standards
  • Finish: Water-repellent coating over the entire surface (face and edges) of the panel.
  • Face: Western softwood (typically Douglas fir) veneer that has been touch sanded for uniform thickness. It has limited pitch pockets, open splits and other open characteristics but these do not compromise the strength and durability of the panel.
  • Core substrate: Multi-layers of wood veneer in alternating wood grain directions, which increases the strength and stiffness of this finished panel.
  • Back: Douglas fir or western species veneer that provides excellent strength and durability and balances the panel to reduce warping.
  • Adhesive: NAUF exterior, fully water resistant phenolic glue.
  • Sub-floor underlayment
  • Regional and seasonal weather conditions with high-moisture

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