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Roseburg and The Build Show are teaming up in 2023!

Roseburg is sponsoring The Build Show Boston, a Build Show original series that will document the construction of a net-zero and passive home in the Boston area.

Keep an eye on this page for additional exciting content throughout 2023, or read on to learn about the products being used in the build.

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Featured Products

Armorite™ Exterior MDF

Innovative engineering makes MDF more versatile than ever. See all-new Armorite™ Exterior MDF stand tough in a live-action rain display.

For a sneak peak, watch the Armorite Features & Benefits video now!

RigidLam® LVL – Engineered Wood

Roseburg RigidLam LVL beams, headers, columns, and studs are a great choice for your construction project. RigidLam LVL is able to support heavier loads and allows for greater spans than conventional lumber. This key component in the Roseburg Framing System® is preferred for its strength, stiffness, and predictability.

RFPI Joist® - Engineered Wood

Roseburg RFPI® Joists offer design flexibility and consistent performance. Used in floor and roof construction, RFPI® Joists are the ideal choice for designers and builders who want to provide their customers with high-quality floor systems.


Roseburg offers a wide selection of Douglas fir studs from a single source, including precision-end trimmed (PET) and double-end trimmed (DET) lengths.