Coos Bay Shipping Terminal

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Roseburg Forest Products owns and operates one of the largest and most efficient “bulk and break-bulk” cargo handling terminals in North America. Located at the port of Coos Bay, OR, it was built in 1968 to export softwood and hardwood chips to Japan.

Although the main use for the dock is the loading of export wood chips, Roseburg has the potential to load and unload virtually any bulk vessel at its Port of Coos Bay terminal. Bulk product is loaded pneumatically for higher compaction rates. Break-bulk cargo such as barrels, bags, pallets, or other cargo would be handled primarily by crane. Other specialized loading/unloading services can be customized. Wharfage fees and local piloting charges can be provided upon request. Fumigation is also available if required and current pricing can be provided.

  • Facility

    Vessel Loading

    Coos Bay Shipping Terminal loads the standard size wood chip hauling vessel which is 20,000 bone dry metric tons. However, larger vessels are loaded. Chips are loaded pneumatically for higher compaction at a rate of 800,000 cubic feet per day.

About the Facility

Terminal NameCoos Bay Shipping Terminal
Location43˚ 26’ 23” N, 124˚ 13’ 18” W
Channel Mile7.9
DensityDepends on tidal movement 1.016 – 1.022
Vessel LOA250+ meters (820+ feet)
Vessel Beam41 meters (131 feet)
Freeboard Height4.43 meters (80 feet) MHW, 27.48 meters (90 feet) MLW
Stationary pneumatic loading tower
10.1 hectares/25+ acres paved bulk storage
Draft at the dock is 12.29 meters (40 feet) maintenance depth
Vessel operation by ILWU/Shore operations by CBST
1 berth, 305.34 meters (1002 feet) dolphins, wharf is 79.39 meters (260 feet)
11.58 meters (38 feet) MLLW (Mean Low Level Water) with Bar Pilot approval for the channel


Coos Bay Shipping Terminal’s bulk cargo handling terminal is located in the United States at the Port of Coos Bay, Oregon

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Wood Chips

Softwood (Conifer) and hardwood species are available. The softwood is comprised of Douglas fir, Western Hemlock, White Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Redwood, and small amounts of Cedar and Spruce.

The hardwoods that are available include Tan Oak, Alder, Maple, Madrone, and various minor quantities of lesser species.

Standard Chip Sort:

  • Douglas-fir
  • Mixed Conifers
  • Hardwood Chips
  • Custom Sort
Bark < 2.0%
Oversize >1-3/4” Roundhole <5.0%
Fines <3/16” Roundhole <5.0%
Custom Sizing Available

The chips are comprised of both residual chips and whole log chips. The residuals come from sawmills and plywood plants and the whole log chips come from small logs, thinnings and defective timber.

Moisture content of the chips will range from 45% to 55%, depending on the time of year. Quality and moisture testing is done on site and reports are provided.


Port of Coos Bay, Oregon

Jones Stevedoring


ACGI Port Agents

Coos Bay Agent - Randy Click

“K” Line America, INC

Coos Bay Agent- Kenny Davais

Contact Us

Chips and Coos Bay Shipping
Terminal Director

P.O. Box 1088
Roseburg, Oregon, 97470
Ph: 541-679-2773
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Terminal Manager

3660 Gateway Street
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Physical Address:
66237 Jordan Cove Rd.
North Bend, OR 97459


  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program – certified available
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) – certified available (FSC-C017580)