Acoustics and Aesthetics Make Medex® Perfect for Premium Audio

Making Music Shine with MDF

Holt Hill Audio, a boutique audio design and restoration studio, relies on Medex® for their custom-built monitors because of its sustainability, reliability, and acoustic performance. While this moisture-resistant MDF is typically used in cabinetry and structural applications, Holt Hill has found the perfect use for it in their specialized audio equipment.

Challenge: Brian Salazar and Brian Resetti of Holt Hill Audio know their way around audio equipment; whether they’re restoring vintage pieces in their workshop or hand-building custom orders, they’re making a name for themselves in the audiophile space. And when it comes to their premium custom-built speaker monitors, they need MDF that is reliable, dense, inert acoustically – and eco-friendly.

Solution: Holt Hill prefers to custom-order Medex® from their local distributor, Jackson Lumber, because it outperforms other MDF products they’ve used. While it’s durable and cuts like any other MDF, it has the added benefits of moisture resistance (MR 50 rating), which helps with acoustic performance thanks to its additional density. Holt Hill is also drawn to Medex® because of its recycled content and numerous sustainable certifications (including no added formaldehyde, LEED, SFI, FSC, and more). “I have 14 years of experience in sustainability consulting, and I come across a lot of different materials touting LEED certification support. Roseburg always seem to be ahead of the curve in terms of green certification, and I’ll always steer people to your products because it’s easier from a certification standpoint to have products that are well thought-out.” – Brian Salazar, Co-Owner, Holt Hill Audio

Results: For the sides of their monitor enclosures, Holt Hill often pairs Medex® with a high-gloss paint job (through partnerships with local trade schools and tradespeople) or a veneer that they manually apply in-house for an ultra-custom application. The end result is nothing short of stunning.




An array of speakers are set up in the Holt Hill showroom
A woman if flipping through a magazine while audio equipment sits in the background.
A Holt Hill monitor mid-production. Brian holds the speaker casing as he sands it.
Four people are seated at a table engaged in discussion. A speaker sits behind them to the left.
A black speaker made by Holt Hill sits on a restaurant bar
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