Armorite® for Outdoor Living


Outdoor living areas provide homeowners ideal spaces to gather, relax, and connect with family and friends. An Oregon homeowner sought to put the finishing touches on their open-air living room using the latest in MDF technology.

Challenge: Although generally protected from the weather, the two open sides meant the outdoor living space and the finish materials would be susceptible to occasional wind-blown rain and long seasons of high humidity. The space also had a couple of unsightly utilities that the homeowner wanted to conceal while still allowing easy access when necessary. To withstand the elements and meet the homeowner’s requirements for lasting and attractive construction, the project required an easy-to-machine material that also offered exceptional durability. A paintable product was requested so that any new construction materials could match the existing color of the house.

Solution: Innovative Armorite® panels from Roseburg provided a true exterior-grade MDF with superior MR50 moisture resistance and proven fungal, decay, and termite protection. The durable, structurally stable panel made an ideal backing for the TV mount above the fireplace. And custom multi-functional storage solutions also made with Armorite® panels were easy to machine and paint to match the home’s exterior. Armorite® Exterior MDF has been tested in the most demanding environments and is rated for above-ground exterior applications and high-humidity climates. See finishing guidelines to maintain 10 year warranty.

Results: The homeowner has been enjoying their cherished space and a beautiful final product built to look great even when faced with Pacific Northwest rainstorms and humidity. An innovative, durable material with no-added formaldehyde and made with 92% pre-consumer recycled content, Roseburg Armorite® Exterior MDF provides long-term peace of mind and delivers proven functionality to handle outdoor living projects of all types.

“I was skeptical about using an ‘exterior’ MDF when my client first suggested it. I did some testing on my own for how the product would stand up to moisture and I was impressed with the results. The product cut nicely and accepted hardware. Normally with MDF there is some difficulty screwing into the MDF, but with this product it accepted the screws well. When I normally use my finish nail gun on MDF there is some swelling of the MDF around the nail area. No swelling with Armorite®. The product painted well so that I could match the existing home exterior color perfectly.”
-Jim Eckley, 5E Construction LLC

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