B&L Wood Creations

Experiences Armorite’s versatility

Experienced custom-cabinetry and fixture manufacturer, B&L Wood Creations, discovers how well Armorite® machines and finishes, offering a completely new realm of application opportunities.

Challenge: B&L has been creating custom cabinetry, retail displays, exhibits, commercial casework, and residential cabinetry for over 30 years. They have extensive experience working with MDF, plywood, and other wood panel products while utilizing modern woodworking equipment and technology. Roseburg asked General Manager Brad Suess to test Armorite® and let us know how it performed.

Results: “Our team was so pleased with Armorite’s machinability. It cut, routed, and profiled beautifully. We finished it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and the panels took the primer and paint really well.

Being able to craft custom cabinets and fixtures that can withstand above-ground exterior conditions and high-moisture environments while resisting rot, decay, and insects opens new avenues for B&L Wood Creations to use our imaginations and bring remarkable designs to life. In addition, the 10 year warranty gives me peace of mind that I can pass along to my customers.”

– Brad Suess, General Manager B&L Wood Creations, Inc.

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