Murphy Door opens new possibilities with MDF

Now you see it… Now you don’t!

You’ve heard of Murphy Beds, which fold up into the wall, but have you heard of Murphy Doors? These hidden doors look like bookcases, wine racks, mirrors, and more, but they work just like any other door, and they make any living space feel special and a little mysterious.

They also just happen to be made with Roseburg’s Medex® MDF.

Challenge: Murphy Doors get installed in a wide variety of settings, so the team designing and building these doors needs to know they’re built to last and to endure whatever environment they’re in. They also need to stand up to the rigors of motion – opening and closing over and over again – as well as supporting books, wine, shoes, and more. Enter Medex® MDF, Roseburg’s performance MDF that brings moisture resistance and superior strength to the table.

Solution: Roseburg offers a wide range of performance MDF products to fit any project, but Medex checked all the boxes for the Murphy Door team: It’s strong and dense, so it holds onto screws, while also looking nice and easily accepting paint and other coatings. It meets grade MR50 moisture resistance so it’s unlikely to swell like other MDFs, and it has no added formaldehyde.

Results: The end result is beautiful and functional. These statement pieces are not only hiding doorways, they’re also hiding our MVP of MDF – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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