Super Sustainable Design with SuperLA’s Bungalows

Innovative and sustainable SuperLA, based in Los Angeles, CA., is making waves with the first mass-timber multi-family housing project in southern California — and they’re doing it with materials that are durable, sustainable, and above all else, beautiful.

The small-but-mighty team’s philosophy compels them to prioritize the occupants of their buildings in what they call a “new era of housing,” where homes are designed to be human and planet-friendly, connecting the occupants to nature whenever possible. The SuperBungalows™ project aims to minimize carbon footprints during construction and operation, and brings sustainable design to the public in a way you’ve never seen before.

Challenge: The SuperBungalows™ project presented a unique challenge for the SuperLA team: Not only were they designing with the ultimate level of sustainability in mind, but they also needed a design that could be repeated across multiple project sites with consistent results, including materials and finishes. And since SuperLA believes in prioritizing natural light and air, and touches of nature whenever possible, they knew the homes had to feature plenty of exposed wood. This design process led them to select Roseburg’s SkyPly® Hardwood Plywood with Combination Fiber Core (or CFC) and a Maple veneer.

Solution: CFC core provides an ultra-smooth surface for decorative veneer overlays, while the interplies of the core maintain the strength and screw holding ability of the panel.
The exposed edge of the CFC core also provides added texture and visual interest to the cabinetry, as seen in the photos. And, as an added bonus, SkyPly is GREENGUARD Certified for low VOC emissions, making it a great choice for the SuperBungalows™.

Results: The result is stunning; filled from floor to ceilings with natural finishes and drenched in warm light, these clean and simple living quarters provide a uniquely comfortable space for LA’s residents.
“Everyone who toured the SuperBungalows™ appreciated the warm details, craftsmanship, and level of quality in our custom cabinetry. We truly appreciate Roseburg’s ethos and partnership on the Bungalows and look forward to incorporating their products into future projects.”

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