The Collective at Playa Vista

A Showcase of Roseburg Engineered Wood Products

The Collective at Playa Vista is a five-building office campus in the Playa Vista community of Los Angeles, just north of LAX. It boasts more than 200-thousand square feet.

Playa Vista is a new community offering residential, commercial and retail spaces, as well as opportunities for work, life and play. It’s considered by many to be part of “Silicon Beach,” which has become a choice address for businesses in technology, media, and entertainment.

The Collective was designed by architectural firm Shimoda Design Group. Each building contains many modern features as well as exposed wood framing to create an open and industrial feel to the overall building design.

Challenge: Shimoda Design Group designed The Collective to be a wide-open inner space with the structure exposed to view on the interior for a more industrial feel. The design called for long spans with few supporting beams. In many cases these spans were longer than the standard lengths of dimensional lumber. The challenge was to find a material for the ceiling and floor joists that would reach these spans and still remain lightweight and economical.

Solution: Shimoda Design Group looked over a variety of materials for visual aesthetic and structural integrity. These materials included glulam, dimensional lumber, LVL, and I-Joists. Roseburg’s RFPI® Joists and RigidLam® LVL beams were chosen to cover the structural spans needed in the design. These products were chosen for their structural integrity, competitive price, and because they came in lengths that wouldn’t be available using dimensional lumber.

Results: Construction of The Collective is underway. The structure, when completed will be left exposed to view on the interior so Roseburg’s RFPI® joists and RigidLam® LVL will be in plain view as a featured design element of the buildings.

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