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80 Fire Survivors Receive Initial Funds During First Day of Relief Distribution

Community Relief Fund provides immediate payments from $50 million fund

About 80 fire survivors received initial financial assistance Tuesday during the first day of Roseburg Forest Products’ $50 million Community Relief Fund being distributed to residents of Weed, Lake Shastina and nearby communities directly affected by the Mill Fire.

Independent administrators assisted residents making claims to cover immediate needs such as temporary housing, transportation, food and clothing, and medical issues. Roseburg began distributing funds from the company’s Community Relief Fund less than two weeks after the fire began on Sept. 2.

“Roseburg is so grateful for the patience and response by a number of impacted families who now have initial funds to support their immediate needs,” said Pete Hillan, a spokesperson for the company. “Tuesday was only the start of our efforts to help people recover now instead of waiting years for financial support.”

Fund administrators will provide assistance at the Weed Community Center, 161 E. Lincoln Ave., Weed, Ca., throughout the week from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. The application process has been designed to be streamlined and user-friendly, and to provide on-the-spot funds for those with legitimate claims. More information also is available at:

Individuals coming to the Community Center may elect to be represented by an attorney. It is not necessary to have representation, however, to participate in this Fund. In addition, people who accept money from the Fund will be asked only to sign a receipt, so that the Fund has an accurate record of how much it paid. People will not be asked to waive any claim they may have related to the fire as a condition of receiving benefits from the Fund.

“Roseburg has been part of this extraordinary community for 40 years, so it’s important for us to do everything we can to support our neighbors, economically and otherwise, during this difficult time,” Hillan said.