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Land Owners Magazine shines a light on Roseburg’s wildfire response

Forest Landowner magazine recently sat down with Roseburg team members to discuss wildfires in the Pacific Northwest and how we manage these disasters. The result is a five-page spread in the March/April 2022 issue that takes a look at the devastating Archie Creek Fire from 2020 and how it informs our forest management practices moving forward.

“In twelve months, Roseburg salvaged and replanted its Archie Creek Fire-damaged acreage in Douglas fir, the Oregon native species that accounts for more than 96 percent of its forests. That’s no small task considering the degree of difficulty of working on such hilly terrain, which is challenging enough under normal conditions that it makes commercial thinning unrealistic during the typical 40-to-55-year rotation of Douglas fir.”

Roseburg is proud to own more than 600,000 acres of forestland, and part of our “new normal” of business involves planning for, and then rehabilitation after, destructive wildfires.

Read the whole article here (PDF).