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Roseburg Welcomes Two New Members to Board of Directors

Roseburg’s engineered wood products plant in Chester, S.C., is the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility of its kind, featuring the highest-capacity laminated veneer lumber (LVL) press in the world. Opened in October 2019 with a ribbon-cutting event attended by the Governor of South Carolina, the Chester plant expanded our manufacturing capacity to meet growing consumer demand for a versatile product that combines the best of modern processing technology and structural capability.

Roseburg first established our engineered wood products business in 2001 with a plant in Riddle, Ore. Demand for our high-quality LVL products, including our RigidLam® LVL, RFPI® Joists and RigidRim® rimboard, prompted the construction of Chester Engineered Wood. Roseburg selected the site based on a number of criteria, including market demand, raw materials availability and cost, and local business climate. The plant employs approximately 145 talented team members in the area.

The Chester plant expanded our geographic footprint, allowing us to offer clients across North America a reliable supply of high-quality headers and beams for residential and commercial construction. LVL beams, headers, columns and studs are stronger, stiffer, more consistent and more predictable than traditional sawn lumber pieces. Our RigidLam® LVL products can support heavier loads and allow greater spans than conventional lumber. To learn more about our LVL products, visit