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Team member safety top priority during COVID-19

When COVID-19 first reached North American shores, Roseburg’s top priority was protecting our team members. Early in the outbreak – before most states and regions had instituted their own measures – Roseburg developed and implemented an aggressive and comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan designed to keep our team members safe and keep them working. The plan established clear protocols for:

  • Intensive ongoing cleaning of all sites and equipment
  • Social distancing, face coverings, personal hygiene and other guidance from health authorities
  • Managing team members with symptoms or potential exposure
  • Remote work wherever possible and staggered schedules to limit headcount
  • Ongoing, highly transparent communication with team members

In March 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared the wood products industry essential to the global battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Roseburg team members have continued working throughout the crisis to support the “overall federal effort to ensure security and resilience for the nation’s critical infrastructure.” Our COVID-19 Response Plan has been key to our ability to continue manufacturing vital products without significant interruption. The Response Plan has evolved to reflect the latest guidelines and scientific understanding of the virus.

In addition to meeting demand for building products throughout the pandemic, maintaining operations is critical during a time of unprecedented unemployment. In Oregon alone, the timber and wood products industry accounts for 60,000 jobs statewide. Roseburg has seven plants, two administrative offices, more than 400,000 acres of timberland and a pulp chip export facility in the state, employing 2,400 people directly and supporting hundreds more indirectly.

At Roseburg, we are committed to making lives better from the ground up. Our ability to continue manufacturing vital building products for our clients while keeping our team members safe and working is just one way we fulfill that commitment.