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Build Show series shines a spotlight on Roseburg’s forest management and vertical integration

Do you know where your wood products come from? We do! Roseburg is proud of our legacy of owning our own land and growing the trees that go into our products all the way from dimensional lumber to MDF and particleboard.

Recently, The Build Show came to Oregon to see the “source” for themselves, and they’ve created a special bonus episode to go along with their “Build Show Build: Boston” series, which is documenting the team’s process to design and build a passive, net-zero home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Follow host Steve Baczek as he speaks with Roseburg’s Tiffany Roddy and Jerry Risk, who work hard to make sure that Roseburg has a healthy supply of timber for decades into the future.

Learn more about Roseburg’s forest management practices and vertical integration in the special bonus episode below!


Roseburg is a proud sponsor of the Build Show Build: Boston series. Click here to learn more about this exciting partnership.