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Find out why Roseburg’s softwood plywood is better by design

Since 1966, Roseburg has been known for its softwood plywood, which is made primarily from western softwoods like Douglas-fir trees grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Our wide variety of softwood plywood panel options exists to give you and your customers the flexibility you need for projects of any scope, size, or budget. With different cores, face grades and tolerances for synthetic repairs, there is a panel to meet the specific needs of your customer – and Roseburg softwood plywood just got better by design.

What’s new?

We’re excited about recent enhancements that make our plywood products even better than before: our marine core, exterior core and siding options all now tout a two-piece or composed core, which provides better performance, and our siding is now available with an optional PPG primer.

Two-Piece, Composed Core

By now, you’re used to comparing and selecting plywood panels based on the assigned “grade” of the face and backside of the panels (see how various face grades compare here). At Roseburg, we take it a step further; we believe a high-quality panel goes beyond the letter grade assigned to the face: better panels start with a better core. For a dimensionally stable and structurally sound panel, the core is what provides durability and long-term performance. Roseburg’s two-piece or composed core softwood plywood is designed to meet the most demanding industry requirements and standards with fewer gaps for a more consistent, solid panel. A composed core is key to making this happen. It goes above and beyond the minimum grade requirements meaning you get a tighter core with improved laps.

Factory-Applied PPG Primer

Roseburg real wood siding - now with optional PPG primerIn addition to a two-piece core, Roseburg’s siding now offers the added protection and convenience of pre-applied PPG® primer on our Douglas-fir and DuraTemp® real wood siding products. PPG is a global leader in paints, coatings and materials, and you can count on the machine-applied primer to  seal the surface, hide imperfections, add a layer of protection from the elements, and promote bonding to a future topcoat. Looking to learn more about our factory-applied PPG primer? Let us know!

Produced in common groove patterns, Roseburg’s Douglas-fir siding is constructed with western softwood veneer, an NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) exterior phenolic resin (which aids in water resistance), and unlike vinyl or cement siding, its primary ingredient is wood. We offer a robust lineup of standard products to give your project a natural wood appearance that’s excellent for further finishing.

Roseburg’s DuraTemp® siding provides a natural, rough-sawn cedar appearance, and is manufactured with a tough, hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check. Backed by a 50-year limited warranty, DuraTemp® is easy to paint and install and with a plywood construction, rather than OSB, it is ideal for use in uninsulated applications, like sheds.


See Roseburg’s siding in action: