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Roseburg’s Dillard location carries on a legacy built from lumber

Constructed in 1947 by Roseburg’s founder, Kenneth Ford, the Dillard Lumber plant is still one of the largest stud manufacturing facilities in North America, and it remains the oldest plant still operating in the Roseburg enterprise. It is not, however, the first Roseburg plant – that honor belongs to a 100-foot sawmill that sat within the town of Roseburg (a 20-minute drive from Dillard) that employed a dozen people from 1936 to 1947. That plant served as the origin of the company as well as its namesake, known as Roseburg Lumber at the time.

As the company grew, we expanded to a much larger facility in Dillard where we could grow our operations; this new lumber mill experienced high demand as soon as it opened in 1947 just as the “baby boom” began and post-war housing needs skyrocketed.

This 76–year-old operation has kept up with the times through many investments in technology over the years designed to optimize log inputs and thus maximize the efficiency of our natural resources and create the highest yield of quality lumber products. Utilizing 3D scanners, advanced systems and equipment upgrades, our 370-member team at the Dillard Lumber plant produces more than 460 million board feet of green and kiln-dried stud lumber each year primarily from Douglas-fir species logs harvested from the land Roseburg owns and manages itself.

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