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Wood is

Roseburg is committed to the growth, harvest and conversion of wood. With this commitment comes responsibility and accountability. There is endless potential to improve what wood does and how it’s delivered. With Roseburg’s philosophy of sustainably raising and harvesting our own timberlands, responsibly sourced wood is more relevant than ever. Whether it’s to the client, an entire forest, or an individual log, we take our responsibilities seriously.

Recreation Fire Season Signs

Our Timberlands

Roseburg privately owns and sustainably manages more than 600,000 acres of timberland on both the East and West coasts of the United States. The annual harvest from our bicoastal footprint ensures the quality and continuity of wood fiber supply to our diverse manufacturing facilities across North America.

The majority of our timberland is in Oregon, where Douglas-fir is king. Approximately one quarter of our ownership is spread over North Carolina and Virginia, with loblolly pine as the dominant species.

These lands provide a stable foundation for the company and power the vertical integration that ensures a reliable supply of timber for our clients.

Recreational Access to our Timberlands

Roseburg has a long history of providing controlled public access to our privately-owned timberlands for recreational purposes. While many timberland owners now charge a fee for recreational access, Roseburg will continue to permit free access through our non-fee controlled public access program, as long as users comply with certain restrictions designed to keep the public safe and prevent wildfires and other potential hazards from impacting our valuable timberland resources. Roseburg appreciates your cooperation in complying with these regulations so that we can continue to provide public access to these timberlands.

The following information applies to our Oregon timberlands. For information about recreational access to our North Carolina and Virginia ownership, please visit www.roseburgrecreationallicenses.com.

Oregon Timberlands

Fire Season Access

To report a fire on Roseburg property, please call 911.

Gated Properties

During the state-declared fire season all gated access to Roseburg’s Oregon timberlands is closed to all forms of motorized vehicular access. Walk-in access is allowed as long as the Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) is at Level I. When fire danger increases to IFPL II or greater, all forms of public access are prohibited to protect timberland resources from the threat of wildfire caused by public negligence. A zone map showing the current IFPL for areas you may be interested in can be found at the following link: https://gisapps.odf.oregon.gov/firerestrictions/ifpl.html.

For additional information on restrictions and prohibited activities during fire season, go to the Oregon Department of Forestry website at http://www.oregon.gov.

All gates accessing our Oregon timberlands are clearly posted with signs indicating the relevant fire zone and the fire protection agency to call to check the current IFPL for the area you would like to access. To the right is a picture of a sign you will see on our gates in fire zone CS-1.

Ungated Properties

Roseburg’s ownership is intermixed with other landowners, particularly the Bureau of Land Management, where it is impractical to prevent the public from accessing our timberlands due to public roads going through them. In these situations, the public is allowed to drive through our timberlands and access our timberlands off these public roads. However, the public is not allowed to leave the public road and access our timberlands when IFPL is at Level II or greater.

Other Signs You May See on Our Timberlands

Properties with no permitted public access

Roseburg has a number of properties where all public access is prohibited at all times. These properties include those where access occurs via an easement on other private property with no provision for public access. Other properties contain valuable infrastructure such as cell towers where public access is prohibited to prevent vandalism and theft. These properties are clearly posted with the sign shown to the left.

Active Operations

Roseburg’s timberlands are working forests, and from time to time it is necessary to restrict access to certain properties to keep the public safe from active operations such as logging, road building, or forestry activities. This temporary closure can apply to areas where the public has previously been allowed access, so it is important to pay attention to any changes in signs posted at gates. In areas where we are actively operating, the gates may be open but posted to stay out. These properties will be clearly posted with the sign shown to the left.

Fall Hunting Season

In the Fall, after fire season has been declared over, Roseburg will open selected tracts and allow the public to access them in motorized vehicles. Signs will indicate that motorized access is permitted and for how long. Open tracts will be listed on this web page every Fall once fire season is over. An example of this sign is shown to the left.

Hunting Areas

Roseburg Resources Co. provides these maps as a convenience to members of the public using the land pursuant to ORS 105.682 and for no other purpose. Roseburg Resources Co. does not warrant the accuracy of the maps and the user of the map assumes all risks related to entry on the lands depicted.

Maps provided by Roseburg depict areas that are typically open for non-motorized or motorized access once fire season ends. During declared fire season all motorized access is prohibited. Note that we use a variety of signs to indicate allowed access. Some areas may have additional restrictions due to active operations or other management considerations. Please look for our signs at normal entry points and follow the instructions provided by the signs.

As of March 31, all of our timberlands will be closed to motorized recreational access. Non-motorized recreational access is permitted on most tracts until the IFPL reaches level II. Please review and observe all signs posted near gates and at other entry points to our timberlands. Electric vehicles (including electric bicycles) are considered motorized vehicles and are prohibited during our closure periods.

Public Access Map Index

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Curry

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Dillard East

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Dillard North

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Dillard West

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_North Bend Central

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_North Bend North

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_North Bend South

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Vaughn Northeast

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Vaughn Northwest

Roseburg Tree Farm GeoPDF_Vaughn Southeast

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited at all times. Violators will be prosecuted.

  • Littering or dumping trash or yard debris
  • Campfires outside of established camp sites or during fire season
  • Smoking outside of an enclosed cab
  • Commercial removal of wood products or minor forest products without a permit
  • Personal firewood cutting without a permit
  • Off road vehicle use including overland travel and dirt roads
  • Christmas tree cutting
  • Vandalism of forest resources
  • Fireworks or exploding targets such as Tannerite®
  • Parking in front of gates – if your vehicle is found blocking a gate it will be towed

Permitted Activities

The following activities are permitted subject to fire season restrictions and other restrictions that may be in effect at the time or location of access.

  • Walking/hiking
  • Bicycling
  • Horseback riding on established rocked roads
  • Motorized vehicles, including ATVs, on established rocked roads
  • Collection of minor forest products for personal use and not for resale; Examples include salal, mushrooms, and ferns but excludes cedar boughs
  • Hunting and fishing when in full compliance with all state hunting and fishing regulations

Please remember that accessing Roseburg’s private timberlands is a privilege and not a right. Restrictions on public use of company timberlands protect our timberlands from fire and other threats. They are intended to keep you safe so that you can have an enjoyable experience when recreating on our property.

Please help us keep our Oregon lands open to the public by following rules and posted signs at all times. If there is no sign posted at a gate entering our timberlands, assume that the property is closed to all public access even if the gate is open.