Where to Find Us

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood products, Roseburg has offices, manufacturing plants and timber holdings across North America. Our geographic diversity provides clients stable and convenient access to our high-quality products, while allowing Roseburg proximity to reliable sources of raw material.


Corporate Office: Springfield, OR

Western Regional Office: Dillard, OR

Eastern Regional Office: Atlanta, GA


Particleboard & Specialty Panels:

Missoula, MT

Simsboro, LA

Taylorsville, MS

Engineered Wood:

Riddle, OR

Chester, SC


Dillard, OR

Softwood Plywood:

Coquille, OR

Dillard, OR

Riddle, OR

Hardwood Plywood:

Dillard, OR

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF):

Medford, OR

El Dorado, AR

Pembroke, Ontario, CAN

Thermally Fused Laminate Panels:

Missoula, MT

Simsboro, LA

Softwood Veneer: Weed, CA

Softwood Chip Export: Coos Bay, OR


We ship mixed or full shipments to customers throughout North America. All of our plants are served by truck and rail access. Our Supply Chain & Logistics Department has established excellent freight rates to all parts of the country.

Corporate Headquarters
Regional Offices
Plant Locations