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Proud to produce high-quality MDF for the Canadian market.

Since 1996, Pembroke MDF has been manufacturing a wide range of medium density fibreboard and interior moulding products. Equipped with a parallel refining system and dual moulding lines, the Pembroke mill has an annual production capacity of 130 million square feet (3/4-inch basis).

  • A cut above the rest

    We’re proud of our Pembroke facility, which boasts impressive technology and even more impressive people.

About the Facility

NamePembroke MDF
Jobs Created195 local jobs
Site Size210 acres
Facility Size23,040 square meters
Moulding Capacity35 million sq. ft. (3/4" basis)
MDF Capacity130 million sq. ft. (3/4" basis)



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The Pembroke team

Pembroke employees are proud to support the community in which they live and work.

Envision MDF in your life

Roseburg MDF is used in a huge variety of applications, from decorative elements in homes to interior and exterior signage in commercial spaces.

Wood is Good… but Fiber is Even Better

The core of any good MDF is the wood fiber. The high percentage of pine in our raw material results in an MDF with a very light color, which is beneficial for light-colored overlays or mouldings.

High-Tech Manufacturing

Technology is at the center of our operations, keeping us safe, efficient, and more.

Driven by our Values

Fortified by a workforce of committed, passionate team members, Roseburg is dedicated to making lives better from the ground up. Our business decisions are guided and informed by our core values, which are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Safe to the Core
  • Sawdust in the Veins
  • Handshake Integrity
  • Driven to Win

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