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MediteMedite® is the foundation of the Roseburg MDF product line and offers a smooth hard surface, exceptional machining, plus clean, sharp edges for cutting and drilling applications. Medite® is a competitive workhorse representing uniformity in MDF and highly suitable for precision part manufacturing.

  • Pre-consumer recycled wood content
  • FSC® Mix Credit Certified - available option
  • Potential LEED® 2009 credit support: MRc4, 5, 7
  • Potential LEED v4 credit support: Materials & Resources
  • Third party certification - SCS, ECC
  • CARB ATCM 93120 Phase 2 Certified
  • Manufactured with pride in Medford, OR

Roseburg Medite® and Medite® 3D brands produced in Medford, OR are manufactured from pre-consumer recycled wood content. These products are engineered for a wide range of applications. For decades the Medite® brand has been recognized globally for quality and consistency in MDF. Medite® and Medite® 3D are widely distributed throughout North America.

Features & Benefits

  • Product meets CARB ATCM 93120 Phase 2 emission requirements
  • Meets physical properties of ANSI A208.2-2009 Grade 130
  • FSC® certified panels available upon request

Mill Capabilities

  • Panels available in 4’ and 5’ widths
  • Panels available in lengths up to 18’
  • Medite available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 1-1/2"
  • Medite 3D available in thicknesses ranging from 1/2" to 1-1/4"
  • Minimum order may be required for some sizes

How to Specify
Specify Medite® or Medite® 3D, industrial grade medium density fiberboard (MDF)

Handling & Installation

  • Store indoors on a flat, level surface with adequate suppor t to prevent sagging
  • Refer to Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) for fabrication and installation procedures
  • Medite® & Medite® 3D are not suitable for use in external or structural applications or in areas where moisture is a concern
  • For best results, condition to the environment 48-72 hours prior to installation

Medite® - Because of its unparalleled hard, smooth surface, Medite® easily accepts many finishes including: paint, varnish, lacquer, UV-fills, laminates and foils. Panels are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4” to 1-1/2”.
Strength and machinability make Medite® the right choice for fabrication and precision parts:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Door Parts
  • Store Fixtures
  • Toys & Musical Instruments


Ask your Roseburg MDF sales representative for more information.


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