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Founded in the Timber Capital of the World, Roseburg is a family-owned company that has been providing our clients high-quality wood products that enable them to meet and exceed the needs of their own customers since 1936. From our vast timberlands to our facilities and into the hands of our clients, Roseburg’s vertically integrated approach ensures we are well positioned to meet the demands of the marketplace today and tomorrow.

We pride ourselves on a deep commitment to responsible management and comprehensive forest-to-finish vertical integration. Fortified by a workforce of passionate, values-driven team members, we are dedicated to growing our business by ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients and enhancing the quality of life of our people and the communities they call home.

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Roseburg’s executive team brings decades of industry leadership and experience to the task of driving the company to the future, through a culture of safety, innovation, operational excellence, thoughtful stewardship and ethical business decisions.

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Providing superior customer service is a priority at Roseburg – something new customers quickly discover and long-time ones greatly appreciate.


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