Creating Curb Appeal with Armorite® Exterior MDF

Guy Boulanger is a general contractor based in Venice, California who has carved out a unique niche by focusing on architectural millwork and finished carpentry. He’s been in business for more than 24 years and likes to use products that are made in the United States and that have a good sustainability story, making Roseburg’s Armorite® Exterior MDF the perfect choice for his latest project.

Challenge: While most people think of traditional lumber or metal when envisioning fencing, Boulanger’s customer, an architect, wanted a rolling gate and privacy fence for his new home in southern California, and had very specific ideas about how it should look. Boulanger and his client worked together to consider several moisture-resistant wood products but ultimately settled on Armorite® because of its superior moisture resistance rating (MR50), as well as its insect, rot, and termite resistance. It also has no added formaldehyde, so Boulanger could feel good about using it in a residential setting. They also needed something with a smooth surface for finishing and painting, as well as something that machines well so they could achieve their desired decorative look for the face of the fence.

Solution: Armorite® ended up being the perfect solution for this fencing project and checked all the necessary boxes. It also happened to be less expensive than some of the alternatives they assessed. When it came time for construction, Boulanger and his crew used full sheets of Armorite® and routed a ¼-inch dado to achieve the look of individually stacked boards without needing to measure and cut dozens of boards. They then primed and painted the panels with Benjamin Moore paint and created a stylish fence that complemented the architectural elements of the owner’s home.

Results: While Boulanger has used Roseburg’s Medex® MDF in the past, he is very pleased with how the fence turned out, and he plans to use Armorite® for exterior projects in the future, including an upcoming buildout that will feature Armorite® cabinetry in an outdoor barbecue area.

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A grey rolling gate with grey vertical boards and darker grey trim
A grey rolling gate with grey vertical boards and darker grey trim
Two grey carriage doors are set into a lighter grey stucco wall

For another project, Guy built 4’ x 8’garage carriage doors that featureArmorite® Exterior MDF for therecessed vertical groove panelspaired with Accoya wood trim.

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