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The New Yorker and Working Forests Initiative video explores working forests as a natural climate solution

Join Timon McPhearson from The New Yorker Brand Studio, Roseburg’s Tiffany Roddy, and Ann Bartuska, senior contributing scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, as they explore what it means to be a “working forest,” as well as the important role that these forests play in storing carbon and mitigating climate change.

Timon and Tiffany visited Roseburg’s eastern forestlands in North Carolina to get up close and personal with the trees that will be planted now and which will grow for decades before becoming high-quality wood products that go into our homes, office buildings, and more.

This effort was a partnership with the Working Forests Initiative, a communications effort by a number of North American forest products companies that is aimed at improving the understanding of our industry, our commitment to sustainability, and contributions to the environment and communities where we operate.