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Roseburg awards excellence in safety at manufacturing locations and teams across the company

Every year, Roseburg recognizes our highest performing manufacturing locations and business groups for their safety achievements. Three safety excellence awards and one safety improvement award are up for grabs each year.

These winning teams receive the trophies to hold for the year as well as a recognition event to thank each team member within those teams. The Safety Excellence Awards evaluate a mixture of proactive actions such as near-miss reporting, behavior-based safety observations, closure of safety corrective action items, as well as results, including D.A.R.T and RIR rates. The Safety Improvement Award recognizes the plant that has shown the greatest safety improvement over a three-year period.

The winners for 2022 are:

  • Safety Excellence (Manufacturing)
    • First Place: Dillard Lumber
    • Second Place: Pembroke MDF
  • Safety Excellence (Non-Manufacturing)
    • Winner: Resources
  • Safety Improvement (All Manufacturing)
    • Winner: Simsboro Particleboard

Our teams have continued to persevere after enduring and overcoming many challenges over the past few years. All of our team members continue to stay strong on their commitment to step up, take on new challenges, and continue the upward trajectory of preforming better and better each year as a company. We put in the important work on safety and take on these challenges Because We Care about each other and getting back home to our families each day.