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Roseburg roundup: Recent updates and improvements from across the company’s operations

Roseburg has many operational projects underway this year, so we’ve rounded them up into one handy article that will update you on a few of our investments.

Riddle Plywood

Some big changes are coming to our SkyPly® hardwood plywood line in Riddle, Oregon, and you can watch it take shape here. In our new timelapse video, crews construct the in-feed spreaders and hardwood veneer lay-up sections. There’s still plenty of work to be done before it’s putting out product, but stay tuned for more announcements soon!

Simsboro Composites

Pop-up skate rolls – they’re not the latest trend in rollerskating, but rather an important step in our improved processes at Simsboro Composites to improve safety for our team members. Click here to learn how this improvement relieves the pressure for our hardworking team members in Simsboro.

El Dorado MDF

The team at El Dorado recently celebrated a huge milestone: The plant went 365 days injury-free! To celebrate, they christened a shiny new BBQ trailer so they can treat employees and customers to some tasty homemade BBQ. See it in action here.

Roanoke Valley Lumber

Roseburg recently had the honor of sponsoring the lunch for folks in Virginia attending core classes for the SHARP Logger Program, which teaches participants about sustainable forestry, logging safety, and harvest planning. It’s a great program that invests in the future of our industry, and we’re thrilled to support continuing education like this. We also recently welcomed the first truckload of timber to be processed in our new Roanoke Valley Lumber plant in Weldon, NC, and we can’t wait to finally bring the plant online in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Dillard Complex

We’ve talked a lot about manufacturing and safety, but our transportation team has busy making moves to invest in the future of trucking, including donating a truck to our local community college so more students can practice their big-rig driving skills. Click here to read more about what our team is up to.

Weed Veneer

Trial attorney Ben Crump and Roseburg Forest Products on Aug. 30 announced a $250,000 Weed Community Scholarship Fund that will support Weed High School graduates pursuing their next level of education. The scholarship fund emerged during Mill Fire settlement discussions between Roseburg and Crump, when he suggested Roseburg issue a scholarship fund to support the long-term recovery of the Lincoln Heights, Weed and Lake Shastina communities, and Roseburg readily agreed to provide one.