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Roseburg Forest Products achieves historic milestone with safety performance

Roseburg Forest Products and its operations across North America has achieved a monumental milestone in safety with the successful completion of its longest-ever streak of injury-free months companywide.

Closing the year 2023 on a high note, Roseburg achieved its lowest-ever DART (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred) rate of 1.20 for the year, culminating in a remarkable DART-free November and December. Roseburg’s operations, which includes forestry and manufacturing, then extended this exemplary safety record to encompass a DART-free January 2024, resulting in our first-ever DART-free quarter on record. This remarkable accomplishment sets a new standard for safety performance in the company’s history.

John Myers, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, attributes these outstanding results to deliberate actions and behaviors. “Collectively, we keep finding ways to improve, achieving our objective of injury-free operations. We are creating positive and safe working conditions and environments that few companies worldwide can match. It is inspiring to witness what we can achieve together.”

Tony Ramm, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, reflects on the company’s journey, stating, “Ten years ago, the concept of safety as a Core Value was on the horizon. Today, not only have we embraced it wholeheartedly, but we have also excelled to become one of the industry’s leaders in safety. This is proof of our unwavering commitment to the value of being ‘Safe to the Core.’ Congratulations to [all of our team members] for playing a pivotal role in this incredible transformation.”

As Roseburg marks this historic milestone, we not only celebrate our success but also renew our commitment to pursuing an injury-free workplace. The company has demonstrated what is possible with determination and a collective focus on safety. The entire team’s invaluable contributions have made Roseburg a living embodiment of Making Lives Better from the Ground Up.

Roseburg Forest Products looks forward to continuing this journey of ongoing safety improvement, setting the standard for excellence in the wood products industry.