Armorite® Exterior Trim

Exterior Trim

Window trim, door trim, fascia and corners

Armorite® Exterior Trim joins the Armorite® family of exterior wood products engineered to weather the rigors of outdoor environments. For more than 85 years, Roseburg has been helping builders make their mark with our structural product expertise and handshake integrity that stands behind our product performance and quality.

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  • Exterior Trim
  • Fascia
  • Batten
  • Window Trim
  • Door Trim
  • Frieze Board
  • Belly Band
  • Band Board
  • Corner Board
  • Rake Board
  • Shingle Mold
  • Column Wrap
  • Fluted Door Casing
  • Smooth and woodgrain surfaces in a single product that is factory-primed on four sides with exterior grade primer.
  • Resists moisture (MR50), rot, decay, and termites with no-added formaldehyde. Ideal for high-humidity climates.
  • Made from Western softwood, Armorite™ Exterior Trim is easier to manage, especially at 16’ lengths.
  • 50-year warranty

Finish With Trim That’s Better From the Start

Superior strength. Easier handling and finishing. Faster project turnaround. Make Armorite® Exterior Trim part of your next project and get durable, lasting results that both builders and owners love.

Finish your project with proven Armorite® performance

As a builder, satisfying owners now and years from now depends on your choice of durable, reliable materials that are easy to work with and easy to maintain. Armorite® Exterior Trim is engineered for straightforward installation and decades of trusted service.

  • Complete projects more efficiently. Composite engineering means best-in-class machineability, fastening, and finishing while factory-applied exterior-grade primer limits prep work.
  • Superior strength and handling. Made from Western softwood, Armorite® Exterior Trim is easy to manage, even at 16’ lengths.
  • Ideal for all climates. MR50 rating ensures moisture resistance and durability.
  • Beautifully adaptable. Armorite® Exterior Trim can be used for custom architectural accents and offers both smooth and woodgrain surfaces in a single product.
  • Safely dependable. Resists moisture, rot, decay, and termites with no-added formaldehyde.
  • Exceptional warranty coverage. Our 50-year warranty offers peace of mind you and your customers can count on.

Installer-friendly to Save Time on the Jobsite

  • Factory-primed on four sides with exterior grade primer, Armorite® Exterior Trim readily accepts your finishing coats of paint.
  • Single-layer component material ensures consistent nailing with no pop-throughs or material delamination.
  • Best-in-class workability delivers clean cuts, minimal sanding, and smooth paint finishes.
International Code Council Evaluation Service
green checkmarkICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-4012 (
ISO 21887 Durability of wood use class UC3A
green checkmarkRecognized for exterior use in above-ground applications. Resists attack by fungal decay and subterranean termites, including Formosan termites
Moisture Resistant
green checkmarkMeets grade MR50 moisture resistance
green checkmarkExceeds requirements of ASTM D1037 six-cycle accelerated aging test
Formaldehyde Emissions Regulations – Third-party certified (TPC-1) to meet the requirements of:
green checkmarkEPA Formaldehyde Emission Regulation, TSCA Title VI*
green checkmarkStandards Council of Canada Formaldehyde Emissions Standard for Composite Wood Products – CAN/CSA 0160-16*
green checkmarkNo Added Formaldehyde (NAF) Exempt - State of CA Executive Order N-22-313A*
Recycled Content
green checkmarkThird-party certified 90.5% pre-consumer recycled content
Forest Stewardship Council®
green checkmarkScientific Certification Systems Certified (SCS-COC/CW-00300) – FSC-C017580 FSC® Mix and FSC® Controlled Wood - AVAILABLE OPTION*
Eco-Certified Composite Grademark Program
green checkmarkCPA ECC Sustainability Standard*
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