Armorite® Exterior Trim

Exterior Trim

Window trim, door trim, fascia and corners

Armorite® Exterior Trim joins the Armorite® family of exterior wood products engineered to weather the rigors of outdoor environments. Made from Western softwood, it’s designed to be installer-friendly with both smooth and textured finishes, and delivers best-in-class machineability, fastening, and finishing.

  • Exterior Trim
  • Fascia
  • Batten
  • Window Trim
  • Door Trim
  • Frieze Board
  • Belly Band
  • Band Board
  • Corner Board
  • Rake Board
  • Shingle Mold
  • Column Wrap
  • Fluted Door Casing
  • Smooth and woodgrain surfaces in a single product that is factory-primed on four sides with exterior grade primer.
  • Resists moisture (MR50), rot, decay, and termites with no-added formaldehyde. Ideal for high-humidity climates.
  • Made from Western softwood, Armorite™ Exterior Trim is easier to manage, especially at 16’ lengths.
  • 50-year limited warranty

Introducing Armorite® Exterior Trim

Finish With Trim That’s Better From the Start

Superior strength. Easier handling and finishing. Faster project turnaround. Make Armorite® Exterior Trim part of your next project and get durable, lasting results that both builders and owners love.

Finish your project with proven Armorite® performance

As a builder, satisfying owners now and years from now depends on your choice of durable, reliable materials that are easy to work with and easy to maintain. Armorite® Exterior Trim is engineered for straightforward installation and decades of trusted service.

  • Complete projects more efficiently. Composite engineering means best-in-class machineability, fastening, and finishing while factory-applied exterior-grade primer limits prep work.
  • Superior strength and handling. Made from Western softwood, Armorite® Exterior Trim is easy to manage, even at 16’ lengths.
  • Ideal for all climates. MR50 rating ensures moisture resistance and durability.
  • Beautifully adaptable. Armorite® Exterior Trim can be used for custom architectural accents and offers both smooth and woodgrain surfaces in a single product.
  • Safely dependable. Resists moisture, rot, decay, and termites with no-added formaldehyde.
  • Exceptional warranty coverage. Our 50-year limited warranty offers peace of mind you and your customers can count on.

Installer-friendly to Save Time on the Jobsite

  • Factory-primed on four sides with exterior grade primer, Armorite® Exterior Trim readily accepts your finishing coats of paint.
  • Single-layer component material ensures consistent nailing with no pop-throughs or material delamination.
  • Best-in-class workability delivers clean cuts, minimal sanding, and smooth paint finishes.
International Code Council Evaluation Service
green checkmarkICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-4012 (
ISO 21887 Durability of wood use class UC3A
green checkmarkRecognized for exterior use in above-ground applications. Resists attack by fungal decay and subterranean termites, including Formosan termites
Moisture Resistant
green checkmarkMeets grade MR50 moisture resistance
green checkmarkExceeds requirements of ASTM D1037 six-cycle accelerated aging test
Formaldehyde Emissions Regulations – Third-party certified (TPC-1) to meet the requirements of:
green checkmarkEPA Formaldehyde Emission Regulation, TSCA Title VI*
green checkmarkStandards Council of Canada Formaldehyde Emissions Standard for Composite Wood Products – CAN/CSA 0160-16*
green checkmarkNo Added Formaldehyde (NAF) Exempt - State of CA Executive Order N-22-313A*
Recycled Content
green checkmarkThird-party certified 90.5% pre-consumer recycled content
Forest Stewardship Council®
green checkmarkScientific Certification Systems Certified (SCS-COC/CW-00300) – FSC-C017580 FSC® Mix and FSC® Controlled Wood - AVAILABLE OPTION*
Eco-Certified Composite Grademark Program
green checkmarkCPA ECC Sustainability Standard*
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