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Roseburg Reaches Agreement in Principle to Settle Majority of Mill Fire Claims

Property, personal injury settlements to be catalyst for rebuild of Weed, Ca., communities

Roseburg Forest Products announced today that it has agreed in principle with four law firms representing the majority of claims to settle the families’ property losses, personal injuries and wrongful death claims arising from the Sept. 2 Mill Fire.

The four law firms – Reiner Slaughter Mainzer & Frankel; Parkinson Benson Potter; Singleton Schreiber, and Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy – represent more than 700 individuals impacted by the Mill Fire who hold real property and structure damage claims, personal property damage, claims, personal injury claims, bodily injury claims, and wrongful death claims, among other claims.

The lawyers intend to recommend the agreed-upon settlement terms to their clients and will await review and approval of the proposed settlements by the clients themselves. The terms of the agreement in principle stipulate that the amount of each family’s settlement, if agreed to by the family, will be confidential.

“We know we can’t bring back loved ones nor the homes that were destroyed, but Roseburg’s substantial settlement offers, hopefully, will provide the resources for homeowners to rebuild their houses and the community,” said Pete Hillan, a Roseburg spokesperson.