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Montana – known for Big Sky, gorgeous views, and high-quality composite panels

Roseburg’s Missoula Composites plant is located on 200 acres in beautiful Western Montana and produces high-quality particleboard and thermally fused laminate (TFL) panels. Started in 1969, the plant was acquired by Roseburg in 2003. Our 175-member team is led by Ben Anschuetz, who has worked at the plant for 25 years. This type of tenure is not unusual at Missoula Composites, which has proudly been staffed by multiple generations of families, contributing to its success year after year.

This location uses primarily Ponderosa pine wood residuals that come from neighboring sawmills and other wood production facilities in Montana, Idaho, and Canada. Customers love the quality products this plant produces, and with ready access to the BNSF and I-90 by truck, these products are widely distributed throughout North America.

Starting in 2014, Missoula began upgrading its forming, classifying, screening, and pollution control systems to transform the site into a modern legacy plant. The team has continued this transformation into 2022 with two new shelving lines, a CNC/drilling line, and continued advancements in sawing and innovative robotics.

These equipment investments make it possible for Roseburg to produce shelving, countertops, stair tread, door core, and a wide variety of panels that are used in the production of cabinetry, furniture, bookshelves, and ready-to-assemble storage and closet systems. As housing construction continues to grow and consumers continue to remodel and improve their home and work spaces, these materials are in high demand. And because this facility produces an average of 8,000 trucks of material a year, it is highly likely that you have some Missoula particleboard or TFL in your home or office.

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