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RFPI Joist - Solid-Sawn Flange

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Roseburg RFPI® I-joists with solid-sawn flanges are used in floor and roof construction and are engineered to make the job easier. RFPI’s are the ideal choice for engineers, specifiers and builders who want to provide their customers with high quality floor systems. They provide consistent performance for the most demanding residential applications. RFPI Joists are an inherently green product because they are a more efficient use of raw materials. To manufacture our EWP products, we use fast growing, under utilized and less expensive wood species; therefore, large old growth trees are preserved. By design, engineered wood products require much less wood to achieve the same load bearing capability of solid sawn lumber.

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Roseburg RFPI®  Joists are available throughout North America at some of the largest and most respected whole distributors and pro-yards. We encourage you to contact one today to get more information on Roseburg's Engineered Wood Products.


I-JOIST DIMENSIONS (Solid Sawn Flange)

Lengths - Lengths up to 66 feet

Depths - RFPI 40S & 60S

  • 9-1/2"
  • 11-7/8"
  • 14"
  • 16"

Solid Sawn Flange Size 

  • RFPI 40S - 2-1/2" wide x 1-1/2"
  • RFPI 60S - 2-1/2” wide x 1-1/2"
RFPI 40S  


Design Properties for RFPI-Joists

RFPI Design Properties



This 60 page Roseburg EWP Design Guide contains information on Roseburg's RFP-KeyBeam®, RFP-KeyColumn®, RFP-KeyPlan® & Smartframer software. It also has design information for RFPI Joist, I-Joist details, RigidRim Rimboard, RigidLam LVL Headers, Beams and Studs and I-Joist & LVL framing connectors.

The various charts and tables in this guide are based on accepted, typical residential loading conditions, on center spacing, deflection criteria and/or spans. This published information allows the end-user to identify and install properly sized Roseburg engineered wood products without the need for specific design or engineering calculations.



For applications with longer spans, wider spacing, and higher loads, Roseburg manufactures RFPI® 700 and RFPI® 900 -- with depths of 18", 20", 22" and 24". This 20-page Roseburg Design Guide contains design properties, allowable load tables, framing and connection details, web-hole specifications and everything you need to work with our deep I-joist products. 


EWP DESIGN GUIDE - CANADA (Limit States Design)

For those of you working north of the US border, this 48-page Roseburg Design Guide covers RFPI®-Joist, RidgeLam® LVL and RigidRim® Rimboard. Similar to the US version, this Canadian Roseburg Design Guide contains design properties, allowable load tables, framing and connection details, web-hole specifications and everything you need to work with Roseburg products.

Keybeam software tools 

To help provide you with the best software tools in the industry, Roseburg has commissioned Keymark Enterprises Inc., long recognized as an industry leader in the development of EWP software, to develop a suite of products that will meet your software needs at every level. Roseburg is proud to offer this "state-of-the-art" software as one more tool to help your business grow.

Software Documentation

IMPORTANT: In order to download KeyBeam, the user must perform a one-time registration to the Roseburg website. After the one-time registration, the user will need to log in with their username and password.

Click Continue to proceed to the Download screen. You must be logged in to proceed.

    To Download KeyBeam Software, click here: 


SmartFramer is very user friendly; it doesn't take extensive technical drafting training to become proficient or frequent use to retain proficiency.

All-in-one drawing and bidding program allows you to get the quote out quickly and accurately. Easy to import AutoCAD plan saves you time. SmartFramer is a fast and accurate way of getting your bid to your customer. Making changes to a drawing is very easy and fast. SmartFramer's plot is very professional looking and is extremely easy to customize. Smartframer has Roseburg EWP installation and framing details that are easily dragged and dropped into drawings. Framers will appreciate the easy to read layout.

Please contact an Engineered Wood Products customer support team member if you are interested in receiving more information on Roseburg's SmartFramer software.

 CAD Details


Architects, structural engineers and builders can now specify FSC certified engineered wood products that can contribute to achieving additional LEED® credits for your project.

Roseburg has been certified by SCS Global Services to produce Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified RFPI® Joist and RigidLam® LVL under registration code SCS-COC-000300. Wood products certified by SCS are recognized as coming from well-managed forests, adhering to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards in accordance with the principles and criteria of the FSC.


Certification/LEED Credit Potential 3rd Party Cert. or Documentation Notes
Recycled Content:
LEED 2009 – MRc4
LEED V4 – MRc3
N/A No recycled content. LEED Logo
Indoor Environmental Quality:
LEED 2009 – EQc4.4
LEED V4 – EQc2
MSDS and Literature Qualifies in all cases.
Regional Materials:
LEED 2009 – MRc5
LEED V4 – MRc3
Plant Map & Log Source Mileage Chart. Qualifies in all cases.
Certified Wood:
LEED 2009 – MRc3
LEED V4 – MRc3
SCS When specified FSC certified. FSC Logo
Other Green Attributes 3rd Party Cert. or Documentation Notes
CARB Phase II Compliant N/A Does not apply. ECC Logo
Eco-Certified Composites (ECC) N/A Does not apply.

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