Roseburg’s Teresa Clark - Going the Extra Mile

Teresa Clark watches as the last stack of RFPI Joists are hoisted onto the flatbed trailer of a truck. It's the last of the five truckloads scheduled for the day. The truck driver stands next to Teresa with a look of amazement on his face.

"That was fast," he says.

Teresa looks down at her watch. "Just under an hour," she says with a smile. "Not our best time, but we did alright."

The truck driver laughs as he begins strapping down the load. Fully loading a truck trailer is time-consuming, but Teresa (and her team) have it down to a science. Since she started at Roseburg Forest Products' engineered wood shipping facility, they’ve been able to get load times down to an average of 45 minutes. That's less than a third of the time it takes many other shipping yards in the wood products industry.

"Truck drivers love us," she says. “It’s one of their favorite places to come.” It's easy to see why. Truck drivers only get paid for the time they're on the road. So every minute they spend waiting for their trailer to get loaded is a minute they have to spend off the clock.
Teresa’s dedication to making things better is one of the many ways Roseburg shows its commitment to quality. And few people embody the determination to go the extra mile more than Teresa.


  It Starts With Quality

Teresa is constantly looking for ways to get the job done better, safer, and more efficiently.

“The secret,” she says about her department’s fast load times, “is we pre-stage all our loads. So when the truck pulls in, we have the load ready to go. We even stage it the way it’ll go on the trailer.” Pre-staging loads is something many shipping yards can’t do. But the Roseburg’s engineered wood shipping yard is a massive ten acres – plenty of space for the task. Storing engineered wood outdoors in Oregon may seem like a bad idea. Rainy conditions could cause severe damage. But this is where Roseburg’s dedication to quality comes to the rescue.

“We used the thickest wrapping in the industry for our products,” Teresa says. “And it’s weather resistant, too. That’s why we can store it outdoors.”

Going the Extra Mile
In the twelve years Teresa has spent in shipping at Roseburg, she’s been a shining example of Roseburg’s commitment to go the extra mile for its colleagues and its customers. Sometimes that means facing some unusual challenges. Earlier this year, Teresa faced an unusual challenge when a customer called and said they needed their engineered wood order much sooner than originally expected.

“They called us up on Thursday and told us they needed the order in Woodburn, Oregon, by Friday evening. But we didn’t have it scheduled for delivery until the following Monday.” That meant that Teresa had to get their order to them three days earlier than expected, and she only had 24 hours to do it.

“Luckily we had a truck come in that day who wanted to pick up his load a day earlier than scheduled,” Teresa says. “So we ended up loading the customer’s order onto the truck and sent it up to Woodburn. Then when the trucker came back, we got him the load he was originally scheduled for.” That meant that the customer got their order ahead of time, and the trucker got his own load right on time. Teresa says, “It just worked out.”

But this isn’t rare for Roseburg. “Sometimes,” Teresa says, “customers call up and tell us they need their order sooner than they expected. We juggle trucks and do everything we can to make sure they get what they need when they need it.”

When it comes to taking care of their customers, Teresa says Roseburg does everything it can to help. “It’s just what we do,” she says.

Blazing the Trail
Teresa has been Roseburg’s Engineered Wood Shipping Supervisor for two years, but she’s been in shipping with Roseburg for twelve years. And Roseburg has helped her to climb the ladder every step of the way.

She started at Roseburg as a shipping clerk twelve years ago. Six years later, Roseburg’s management team promoted her to production scheduler. After only four years, she became shipping supervisor.

“Management has been great,” Teresa says.

A dedication to excellence and a determination to go the extra mile are qualities that make Teresa the person she is today. And she’s one of many examples of Roseburg’s passion for excellence and legacy of quality.


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