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Roseburg Introduces Roseburg Radiant Barrier Plywood

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 - Download attached file

Roseburg announced today the company will introduce to the market Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing for use on roofs and walls.

Roseburg is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of green wood building products. Our new Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing is the latest in an impressive list of green, energy-saving products produced by Roseburg.

The key to maintaining a comfortable temperature in a building is to reduce heat transfer into the building. Roseburg’s Radiant Barrier sheathing is an engineered structural panel that combines the strength of plywood sheathing with the energy savings of a reflective foil surface to minimize the radiant solar heat indoors. In fact, tests reveal that radiant barrier panels block up to 97% of the sun’s radiant energy, making the attic up to 30% cooler and reducing indoor HVAC cooling costs by up to 17%. Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing is typically used on roof and exterior wall sheathing.

Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing is a rated plywood panel with a layer of highly reflective perforated aluminum foil laminate designed to block the majority of the sun’s radiant energy.

Although Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing reduces heat loss and gain through the building envelope because it is installed in vented cavities (like attics), it is not an insulation material and has no inherent R-value.


  • Easy installation and reliable performance (fewer call backs).
  • Excellent selling feature.
  • Panel is NAUF (No added urea formaldehyde) and can be specified FSC certified.
  • Available as Struc 1.
  • Installs just like conventional plywood roof sheathing, requiring no additional labor.
  • Roseburg radiant barrier sheathing is an outstanding product for new homes, additions or renovations.
  • Especially effective in hot climates or where improved cooling efficiency is desired.
  • Durable aluminum foil that resists bubbling or peeling, superior foil adhesion and sturdy plywood make Roseburg Radiant Barrier sheathing the perfect choice.
  • Sheathing is manufactured according to the grade, veneer and panel thickness, construction, workmanship, and identification requirements for plywood sheathing as outlined in the PS 1-09.

Roseburg, based in Dillard, Ore., is a family-owned manufacturer of engineered wood products, lumber, plywood, particleboard and specialty panels. It owns and manages timberlands in the Western United States, and operates manufacturing facilities in the Western and Southern regions of the country.


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