Roseburg SkyPly® Hardwood Plywood is available with a variety of finishing options including UV clear coat, bead board, and thermally fused laminate on one side. For more information about each of these options, click on the appropriate tab below.

RediBead RediPly RediFinish

Roseburg RediBeadRediBead is decorative beaded panel that combines the look and feel of hardwood with a tongue and groove beaded appearance. The edges are finished, ensuring that there is barely a seam visible between the panels once installed. RediBead is very durable and resistant to scratches, scuff marks and punctures that often occur on walls in high traffic areas. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications.


  • Thicknesses: 1/4", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1"
  • Lengths: 8' & 10'
  • Widths: 4'
  • Bead Pattern: 1-1/2" on center (o.c.)
  • Slicing Options: Slicing option is based on desired hardwood veneer. Common slicing Options include Rotary, Rift Cut, Plain Slicing and Quarter Slicing.
  • Veneer Matching Options: Natural coloration and arrangement of veneer, comprising the panel face, determine the resulting visual effect. Different matching techniques are used for specific panel applications. Common matching options are: Slip, Whole Piece, Pleasing, Book and Random.

Roseburg RediBead Closeup

RediBead is perfect for any high traffic area or were the warmth and beauty of hardwood is desired.

  • Cabinet doors and backers
  • Interior wainscoting
  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Exterior soffits (In areas protected from moisture)

Key Features

  • Decorative beaded hardwood face
  • Easy to install and finish
  • More durable and moisture resistant than sheet rock
  • Meets PS 1 industry standards
  • Less expensive than beaded-board planking

Roseburg RediPlyRoseburg RediPly is produced using the finest hardwood veneer on the face and Duramine®, a durable thermally fused laminate (TFL) on the back. RediPly is widely used for cabinetry and closet systems, combining the beauty of hardwood with the durable practicality of TFL. 





Roseburg RediFinishRoseburg RediFinish is a factory pre-finish using an automated system consisting of sanding, sealing, curing, and top coating of each panel. The Epoxy Arylate UV coating has no VOC emissions and is regularly tested to ensure compliance with KCMA standards. RediFinish creates a scratch- and mar-resistant panel that is available in four standard gloss levels.

RediFinish panels are available in the following standard gloss levels:

  • Low (20-30)
  • Satin (30-40)
  • Medium (50-60)
  • High (70-80)

Custom gloss reflection levels are available within +/- 5% reflectivity with a 200 face minimum.


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